what i love right now: 7 black and white patterns

i always love me some black and white...
especially when it comes in an interesting design or graphic pattern.
here are 7 black and white patterned images that i am loving right now!

black and white gingham wallpaper... such a great look! via

this black and white bathroom floor tile spices up the small space! via
this black and white patterned blanket is fantastic! i need my own! 
anyone know where i can buy one?!
best in show wallpaper by osborne and little. loving it in the bathroom
but one day it will be in my little's one nursery! (works great for boy or girl) via

statement wall!! looks like lighting...via
such a lovely black and white tiled backsplash! via
hello harlequin!! this is gorgeous times ten!! via

happy almost friday!!


  1. Love the lightning wall! The photo angle on the stairs perfectly showcases the stunning harlequin pattern!


  2. ooohh! I LOVE that red striped chair against the black & white gingham wallpaper!

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