we fell in love with...south africa!!
one of the most amazing places we have visited, i dream of going back.


touchdown in africa!

this is where we'll be spending our christmas this year, with the big 5 on an african safari!


my before and after chairs!

i love when i get the chance to makeover furniture!
i love it even more when i have the opportunity to do whatever i want and be creative.
when it came time to picking out chairs for my client's office he said, "do what you want!"
(a designer's dream)
i found two old classic chairs in a basement of a brooklyn thrift shop. i used my handy dandy vendors to give these vintage chairs a morgan makeover!
the best part about this makeover...my client loves the finished product!



i wish these were my own!


nyc downtown penthouse by ghislaine viñas

hola design lovers!
i am happy to share with you a project i was fortunate enough to work on as a junior designer with ghislaine viñas interior design. this project was a few years in the making before i even started at her firm and wasn't finished until after i left her office. it was a complete gut renovation of a gorgeous, four-story, downtown, manhattan penthouse.

the architecture in this space is incredible. every time i was there i felt like i was in an awesome, modern igloo! the clients had great pieces to work with and i envy their art collection...and they were always down for ghislaine's creative creations.

take a look at what i mean!
(images shot by eric laignel, architect: david hotson interior design: ghislaine viñas featured in interior design magazine.)

my first start to this project was working on the master bedroom.
we designed multiple custom wallpapers but in the end went with this
urban inspired paper from flavor paper

then it was finding the ultimate headboard and searching night and day for
the perfect yellow chandelier! turned out pretty awesome if you ask me!

check out the fabulous angled walls!!

a pop of bright color, wouldn't expect anything less from ghislaine!

more angles and glass

did i mention a four-story slide slithers through the entire penthouse?
brilliant?? yes! this image shows the client's library space.

in love with the jaime hayon end chairs. l.o.v.e

i did many searches for the perfect white dining chair...
isn't that art awesome?

multiple renderings were done to get the perfect color scheme for the living area

this guest room went through a lot of designs but i loved the way it turned out
with the incredible digital wall covering from flavor paper!

i forgot to mention this project made the cover!!!
booo ya
and also the winner of this year's interior design magazine best of year award!

i feel so lucky i had the opportunity to work on this project with such an inspiring designer who is never
afraid to take risks!

to see more pictures of the project check out the article from interior design magazine here!


yosi samra project: hints of rock n' roll

we all know i love designing with color...i am after all a color LOVER!!
my yosi samra project has been different for me, i am designing with all black and white! (except for one fabulous blue office :)
i've taken design direction from their black and white logo and i have also tuned into my client yosi who loves rock n' roll and skateboarding.
black and white, rock n' roll and skateboarding...awesome design direction if you ask me!

below are some sneak peeks at i've what i have brewing over at their west soho headquarters.
i seriously have awesome clients who i feel SO blessed to be working with. their brand is amazing and i am thrilled to be apart of their new diggs. the project is coming together and so far i am under budget which is always a good thing! i can't wait to show you all the finished project but for now here are some goodies to hold you over.

i have always been in love with these diesel with foscarini black rock pendants!
i was extra happy when my client's said they loved them too. i'll take 3 please!

last saturday three of the pendants went up in the reception...
they look extra sleek next to the black pipes, a small detail but it's one of my favorites.
next week the black wall to the left will get glass panels on top of it as well as one freaking amazing custom neon yosi samra neon sign!
also below you can see the reception desk i designed is starting to get covered in...

black ostrich leather! 
the same ostrich leather yosi uses on his shoes.
another small but sweet detail!

i am such a neon sign lover so happy to be using one in this project!

yosi's office getting black brick wall and i must say i love
the wood panel wall i designed to give an edgy effect, i also am 
obsessing over the black plexi YS sign...all about the branding!

yosi will be getting two fabulous custom chairs...
check out the awesome fabric
black vinyl crocodile and tartan! 

looove the black brick!
i also painted three skateboards, doing a little DIY for my client.
check out the punching bag on the left, a must for a designer who works non stop.

this is what happens while working in the office.
my client does nose manuals down the hall.
p.s. don't mind the mess in the hallway...they're still getting settled in!

this mini fridge is a must for any rock n' roll lover!!
how amazing is this marshall special edition mini fridge that looks like an amp?!

custom sales desk

with this eria wakerly wallpaper going behind it!

custom mirror wall i designed for the showroom, it will display their shoes and handbags!
it has been amazing watching my custom designs come to life.
can't wait to see it all completed!!

custom light i designed for the showroom to display all their flats.
also can't wait to see this light completely finished!!

my client's pups are very important to them, they are always in the office so 
i wanted to make sure they also got a touch of rock n' roll...

so i had to buy them these rock inspired dog dishes!

i really am having a blast with this project and i CAN'T wait to see it all
finished. hope you like where it's headed!


bad blogger

hello readers...
this post is a "i'm sorry i've been a bad blogger" kinda post.
i lost my blogging mojo at the beginning of september! i had just quit my job and took off for a week in dubai. after the dubai trip it was a non stop crazy week with hey,hey!gorgeous. at new york fashion week (shame on me for not even putting up all those great pictures from nyfw). immediately following fashion week i took off for chile for ten days!! literally two days after getting home i started my yosi samra project which has kept me extremely busy and i am loving every minute of it.
i know being busy isn't an excuse i have just been so distracted i've been neglecting my blog.
i plan on jumping back in asap!
hope you still love design my heart out even though it's been hibernating a bit lately.
know that i still love you!


images that inspire my creativity

i was in the mood to add a new wallpaper to my laptop...
had to share some of the images that inspire my creativity, i also had to put my favorite designer front and center! i love your work mr. www.guilhermetorres.com


skate or die

i love that my client used to skateboard...
that means i am using some awesome skate art for his office like the one below.

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