are you afraid of heights?

i'm back home in the wild west so i thought posting this video was appropriate. 
would walking on this skywalk freak you out? watch and decide.


let there be white

you must know i am a fan of colorful interiors... but sometimes i do really love a white space.

 bno design (i love him)


a florida dream

so, i've been obsessed with this designer for a while now. doug meyer. ahhh- i love their cheerful designs. lately i have been loving all things summer (except the nyc smells) so doug's home in miami is such a dream! i wish i could getaway and stay at his colorful chic pad. 

the adorable casa
check out that wendall castle molar chair, it's the perfect pop of white!

such a beautiful bedroom, love the colors and that headboard.

i love the cactus inspired dining room. love it!! green door, the art, the light, the chairs... delicious! 
dreamy isn't it? i could lounge around that pool all day long!

can you see why i love his work so much? i'm a lover of color and happy interiors - this home is that and more!! i love when designers are fearless with color. doug inspires me.

images [metropolitan home]

photographer [photographer: mark roskams]

don't know what to do with your bathroom?

try giving it a spray

i personally don't think i could do this in my own pad but it's a good look for restaurants, retail, hotels, etc... or for the extra brave.


queen of design

 kelly wearstler is the queen of design [ interiors, fabrics, books, products, accessories, kwid ] the girl does it all, but honestly what i love about her is her mad style! she is such a stylish mama! she always looks ravishing and if i could shop with anyone it would be her. she wears clothes and accessories perfectly! a few of my friends have interned with her [go utah state!] and they say she always looks as fabulous as she does in her pictures... i mean take a look at how stylish kw is. 

kelly... i want your closet! 


slow motion balloons bursting

did i really just see this video for the first time? it is actually a beautiful moving ad... for schweppes. odd that i used those words to describe a beverage commercial. you have to watch this.

"romantic schizophrenic" - mcqueen

i finally made it to see the alexander mcqueen exhibit at the met museum yesterday
 (i was waiting to take my sister) 

we waited in line for one hour, yuck!
was it worth it?

i was blown away by the details in his work! every outfit was impeccable. mcqueen had major talent, it was also interesting reading about where he found inspiration for each line. if you are in nyc you need to go see this exhibit! if you can't see the exhibit here are some videos/pictures to give you an idea of how amazing it is...

i loved the 'chess' runway version they displayed at the exhibit

watch this hologram of kate moss from the exhibit

a-mcqueen...an inspiration to us all!

image: www.grandlifenyc.com

image: erinadempseydesign.files.wordpress.com

image: fashionindie

image: artnet.com

image: glenwoodnyc.com

the entrance to the exhibit
image: life and style madrid
image: read new york
image: style fizz
remember the outfit on the left from the gaga bad romance video?
walk walk fashion baby!
image: all the pretty faces blog
loved seeing the antler piece in person! a personal fave.
image: gothamist


random wants numero tres

an etsy treasure :)

miu miu... give me this and some pumps!!

such cooool art from joe murtagh -  gimmie!

ariel view carpet tiles... hells ya!

monroe pop

could use this... all day everyday.

jambox!! gv has one and it's bomb!

bro in law has this... amazing camera. to give him credit he is great behind the lens!

i want to get to chile asap!

this would make a good design studio!

marshmallow milkshake from good stuff eatery... life changing! i don't even like marshmallows.

my niece

i want it! please make me one papa...

alexander mcqueen heels!

moore estates from 20x200

but most importantly... world peace.


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