going to bed now and will dream of this...

don't know anything about this photo expect i find something super beautiful about it.
i do know to credit Jonas Lindström for the photo.

buenas noches. xo

do you know ms. abigal?

i'll come right out and say it...abigail ahern is a designer i am obsessed with (i know i say obsessed a lot) buuut i am! she does nothing wrong in my eyes- i love her aesthetic. this girl knows how to design!

cutie, ey?

not only do i enjoy her interiors but she has some crazy amazing products... double whammy! no wonder she is one of uk's hottest designers. look how kewwl some of her products are--

how cute and cozy are these rasta floor cushions?! rasta sounds like pasta..hmm? looks like it too.
hmm...which would i take? i think the pelicans.

porcelain chandelier- yes porcelain. jaw dropping!
it would be nice to hang your coat on the one on the far right after a long day.
18th century modern pop art?? give me one, please!

and...her bookcase wallpaper.
this will be one of my next purchases.
now for some eye candy...

i love your style aa! thanks for all the inspiration.

[ images from atelierabigailahern.com, ruthburtsinteriors.blogspot.com, style-files.com,hightstreetblog.com,designspongeonline.com ]

work it

hip hop mamas!! winners of 2010 hip hop international championships. awesome possum!


time to share

if i love it, i have to save it! i have multiple folders on my desktop of images i've saved of random interiors, furnishings, lighting, designers yaddy yadda. i love looking back at them and thinking...oh i forgot about how awesome this or that is- etc! my problemo is i don't save the info behind the image (whoops), i need to be better at this. if i would have made new year's resolutions--this would have been one. anywhoo...here are some images that have been saved on my computer, i save because i love. hope you love them too. xo.

i love the yellow drippy paint...and the sofa is pretty amazing too!

i am not a huge lover of traditional design, but this i like! color done so right and the unbalanced wall is muy beuno.

i remember this home being in norway...i think. i do love everything about this shot.

david hicks?? maybe, yes, no? but really...this large scale graphic on a traditional white molding loved wall?! perfection! 

the lights or whatever they may be above the table reminds me of critters- creepy crawlers above the table!

i think this may be suzy hoodless...oh how i love that lady! she deserves a post of her own...and she will have one! the horns make this room! yes. they. do.

this has always been one of my favorite shots froms miss kelly. that wallpaper is too good to be true.

i love the simplicity in this room-the modern headboard is one of a kind!

love love love! boligmag... i wish i knew danish so i could tell you more about this room!

the log in the back puts joy in my heart! the coloring in this room is beautiful!! i want to eat warm bread with butter and jelly in here please.

this room screams...fall back on the bed and pass out. at least it does to me.

books, black, graphic, fur. it's a good mix.


london's rainbow

first off.. i have been a bad blogger and haven't posted in awhile...i am sorry!

when i first saw this colored casa on the internet i thought it was defiantly worth sharing! i myself am a lover of all things color. but... i haven't seen a colored house like this before! the rainbow house was designed by ab rogers design a london based design firm (check out their other design projects). not only is this house creative...it has little hidden and not so hidden elements that make it even more one of a kind (watch the video below to find out)... this home may not be for everyone but you have to take a look.

i love...this staircase!

this floor reminds me of the wrongwoods collection night table by sebastian wrong & richard woods- such a creative twist to wood floor. the bed in the top right corner rotates for many views, and i must say i love that tub!

watch this video to get a close look of the rainbow home...you may want to mute it though, the music gets to be too much.


sander mulder

i was reminded today how much i enjoy products from sander mulder...
he has an amazing eye for design. he is innovative and bold which makes his stuff oddly cool! but that's why i enjoy it so much! extra awesome points because it's dutch... of course!


i heart so you think you can dance

it's almost that time of year...sytycd time! except this year there is no tivo in mi casa--yikes! this show is so amazing--on so many levels! it gets a post because choreography is creative people- i think it's a form of design- designed movements... here are a few dances i loved from the show. there is no way i could list them all in one post. so they'll come here and there. watch these four dances. three group dances and one alex and twitch routine that will knock your socks off. 

watch hip hop from a ballet dancer  it's a sytycd classic!!
go twixlex!
 season five group hip hop-white stripes. so sharp and soo good!

 season two ramalama every time this comes on my ipod i can't
help it but dance like this-even in the subway. oh wade i love you!

watch another wade masterpiece i love the song, the hard hits, the
costumes, the steps, and i love at the 55 second mark, go boys!
i need to learn to dance like this!!

more sytycd love to come!

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