"look better naked"

welcome to the david barton gym (yes i said gym) in nyc designed by studio sofield. how could you not want to go to the gym everyday when you feel like you're in a night club while running on the treadmill? forgot your ipod? no problem there is a dj spinning beats inside a gigantic disco ball. crazy awesome! i discovered this gym while reading february's interior design magazine and kept thinking to myself...wait, this is a gym? click here if you want to read the article from idm. if only i could teach zumba here or . . .

work out like this on a treadmill.
photography by eric laignel...he's shot of lot of my boss's work-amazing photographer. check him out.

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  1. Wow, I haven't seen that OK Go video in years but it never gets old! Awesome!

    (PS I think you should call and ask if they need a Zumba instructor!)


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