for tomorrow...

i wish i could pull this moncler coat out of my closet...


my horsey has seoul

spring is on my mind and so is this horsey bike by eungi kim from seoul, korea.

"horsey" is an attachable bicycle ornament/accessory which makes one's bicycle look horsey." designers own words. "i wanted to give a special look to bicycles so that people would care about cycling not only as transportation but also as a lovely pet."

how would you feel rolling down the street on this bad boy? like a princess or prince on its royal horse or would you feel like a complete goon? i would loooove to ride this from point "a" to point "b" on a daily basis. and yes...i would name it, i'll know the name when i hear it.


roll out

in honor of our cousins who are moving to the greatest city on earth this week [cough cough...nyc] from london, england, i decided i needed to post something "british". this past summer i went to london for my first time and i enjoyed every part of it... except for the food. but one of my favorite things about london were the bridges along the thames river. i loved taking a boat tour down the river and passing all the different styles of bridges. it was like going through an architecture time machine! so when i found the rolling bridge in london by heatherwick studio [you're missing out if you don't see what other wonders this studio has done] i had to share!

how awesome is this pedestrian bridge?! heatherwick was commissioned to design a pedestrian bridge to....long story short-get people across the grand union canal at paddington basin in london and allow the bridge to open up to allow access for boats. sounds simple, right? wrong! the bridge opens slow and smoothly into a circular sculpture that sits on the bank of the canal. it rolls out every friday at noon. if you want to watch the awesomeness click here


wacky love

two wacky creative men i love...

daaang...do jaime hayon and philippe starck know how to take a wacky but oh so awesome head shots or what? i love them. these photos make them very love able in my eyes, not to mention they do amazing work. if you don't who these men are...i suggest you find out! p.s. i want some hayon colored shoes. badly!


tetris in your mouth

ok- when i saw this i had to share! tetris sugar cubes...what?? for me this is an awesome find because lately this is how i start my day: get on public transportation [blah], turn on my favorite playlist, and then i get lost playing my new favorite app...tetris!

sugar cubes and tetris bring back great childhood memories! my little sister tori was always a champ at the game, we'd play for hours and i could never beat her, but i still loved the game! then whenever i'd find sugar cubes i would sneakily put the whole cube in my mouth... inhale, and think to myself i. love. sugar! i don't think much has changed.


..do these spaces have in common? i like think they're fabulouso!

this is my kind of formal living area.

cozy cozy! i could use some of that right now.

can anybody guess who these men are? anyone...? that's why i love this image, the art caught me off guard.

i don't know if i could ever do colored cabinets...but these look so scrumptious!

i like this shot because it's unexpected to me.

i have always loved this photo! great wallpaper kelly!

extremely simple, but i love it.

glam by william t. i think i'm drawn to the rug.

i LOVE this...i feel like i could get creative in there!

i'll take that headboard please!

the green chairs.....

i've always wanted to get chic and sit in this room with a shirley temple!

a colorful meal needs to be served in this room. i heart the set up!

mr. b... i want to relax in here!


call me cheesy...

on my way to work lately i pass this guy who has found a cranny to make his home...outside. keep in mind it's january and it's freezing. so whatever it is that has been getting you down, be greatful you have a place to sleep but more importantly be greatful for life because it really is beautiful!

photographic journey through new york city

this might be my favorite. this is the view i see every morning as i head to work, this view makes me extremly happy and gives me warm happy feelings. i heart ny.
i feel her misery...

is he not a cutester?!

i love bodega's...they always have my favorite candies!

this is amazing...

this picture is perfect in so many ways!

those cabs bring so much color to the city.
the place to catch some rays...

oooh... my goodness! does anyone else out there love these photos as much as I do? whitney are you there? i know you have to love them. there are so many more oodles of joy on the site, i couId could spend forever looking at the photos on mynycincolor.com! You have to check out the site to see all the random beautiful shots of the real new york. i want to purchase a few of these photos, this is the kind of new york art/photographs i want in mi casa...none of that cliche shiz of the statute of liberty [don't get me wrong i love that statute]. one day i hope i randomly come across the photographer and land an amazing shot on the website..i think i want it just as bad as i want to be picked up by the cash cab license plate 7N78...fyi.
quote from erin..the photographer "when i go out and shoot, i get a high that i can not duplicate anywhere else in my life and i know that i am doing what truly makes me happy, when i am shooting, i feel like i am doing what i was made to do."
erin-it shows. you're work is a.w.e.s.o.m.e. keep at it!
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