adore color: m a g e n t a

happy huesday color lovers! today's color is not only a fun one to see but a fun one to say...
m a g e n t a

from top left to right
magenta lips are the fun and wild version of pink lips
magenta fringe christian louboutin pumps please!
loving, needing and wanting this fabulous magenta striped fur jacket!! via
my first time visiting the tate museum in london i saw this awesome andy warhol wallpaper
magenta glass cabinet in a fabulous nursery designed by the super awesome soren rose
loving this back detail in these magenta shorts from the katie ermilio spring 2012 collection 
martin pfeifle magenta art installation 

i love color 


made my heart melt monday

here are some images that are making my heart melt on this last monday of january

i usually hate brown walls (way overdone in my home home state)
but this deep, dark, rich chocolate wall color is striking - plus that island is amazing!!

my hubby and i love taking spontaneous road trips, our car rentals are never this cool but this photo 
captures how i feel driving through beautiful east coast towns! hands up!!

i love love love this candid of this little girl taking her time to admire art.
take your time little one and enjoy!

the coloring and use of paint in this kid's bedroom is the right amount 
of soft and calm! loving the mismatched beds.

i'm a light sleep but a heavy dreamer...this sums me up!

this image is hilarious! "fortune 500 company not a lemonade stand"
some people hate comic sans i guess...

this is fabulous interior styling!! rabbits?! yes!

i love new york city more and more everyday!

wishing i could have attended fashion shows as a little with my mama 
like the mother and daughter in this photo.

i used to have a pup who hated bath time too...

my dream casual outfit! i looooove this look!!

and finally, be kind for everyone you meet is 
fighting a hard battle. this is so true! you never know what people are going through or hiding on
the inside so always be kind!

i hope you loved these images and
i hope you have a fabulous start to the week!


triangle sally

here are two short clips of the one and only triangle sally!
why do i love her so much...it's kristen wig movin and a groovin...

now i spy other triangles



eye inspired: interior stylist lo bjurulf

 i'm happy it's friday even though it's wet and rainy
but what makes me really happy is that i've been 

eye inspired
[seeing something with your eye that inspires the living daylight out of you]

before i've even had my breakfast!

so who has me all giddy and inspired?
stylist lo bjurulf!!

a lot of people call themselves stylist these days...
 putting an open book on a bed or a purse next to a chair isn't the kind of styling that has me inspired!

lo mixes and matches pieces that i would never think about about placing next to each other and they always come out looking fabulous. 

i am completely in love with those two hanging fringe pendants!

i love the grandfather clock next to the gold tom dixon pendant light,
i also love the detail in the orange spray painted number 8.

all hot pink ceiling and walls is fantastic...
gives the space so much personality!
loving the mix of furniture with the strips of wallpaper

i always love the random mix of old chairs at the same table

clean and white with pop of blue, yellow and black!

jaime hayon settee looks great in that space

i've seen this image of the rainbow kitchen cabinets many times but never
knew who was behind it until now

great mix...vintage chair with vintage floral wallpaper

i've had this bedroom in my inspiration file for a looong time now, i love love love
the yellow splash of paint over the window. not typical that's why i love it!

i hope lo has inspired you like he has me! 
to see more of his work click here

happy weekend


what i love right now: ombrés

(loving this little graphic i put together to create a new category for the blog)

i'm loving ombrés right now...
whether it's in hair and make up, furniture, art, clothing, interiors or even my food!

this orange ombré would make for a beautiful piece of art
image via

not quite sure if this is a side of a builfing or what, but it looks super interesting especially
with the blue skies in the background
image via josef schulz

delicious ombré sweater by missoni

ombré floral centerpiece
image via martha stewart weddings

ombré denim shirt (yes, need, want, love!)

givenchy ombré on the runway

diy green ombré painted dresser

gorgeous blue ombré dress by the brilliant peter som

paul loebach's ombré blue side table

ombré colored lips

such an adorable cake!

anthropologie's ombré bench

i picked out multiple paint colors to create an ombré affect on these storage cabinets
 image from ghisliane vinas interior design featured in interior design

isn't ombre sweet stuff?


wanting wednesday: a colorful bag

there have been some colorful bags i've been wanting lately...
these bags are on the high priced side, reason why this post is called
wanting wednesday!

 givenchy large antigona duffel

meredith wendell 

color-block canvas circle bag


Kaya Large Mesh Bag

chole bag

(extra want)
barbara bui bag

happy hump day!

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