facebook goes to work

the cool san fran design firm studio o + a did an awesome job designing facebook's 150,000-square-foot office at palo alto, california. they took the employees wants and expectations then put their own twist on it. not a shabby place to work eh?

baby it's cold outside

i always seem to have gloves in my bag but hardly use them because it's impossible to use my iphone when they are on. to much of a hassle, you have to take them off to answer a call-then put them back on-take off to use the ipod- then put them back on- take off to email...and so on and so on. but here are some warmer solutions to that little problem.

when there isn't space for...

a poster of a christmas tree...not a bad idea when you can't fit a real one inside. plus it can roll up nice and tight!

pom poms out of yarn...why yes! i'll use them for gift wrapping and i plan on making some big ones and hanging from my gold antlers.

a bunch tied together would be great to hang...bringing in a little christmas cheer.

when you don't have space for decorations but you still want it to feel like the holidays, christmas will do the trick.

why not make a wreath out of my yarn pom poms...it's cheap and easy!

when you live in a studio in nyc there really isn't much space for christmas decor. i have been thinking lately how to make it feel like christmas without my usual decorations...so i think some of these things (the pictures above) will help solve the pickle!


really? i get to work for her?!

i am one lucky girl because i get to work for the talented and genuine ghislaine viñas!! check out this clip and get a small peek at the amazing townhouse she designed in tribeca.


bavarian motor works (BMW) museum in munich, germany

while visiting europe my hubby and i made sure we made a stop to the bmw museum in munich!!!
i'm so glad we did...

i love the photo display and the glass beneath the cars so on the lower level you could see underneath the vehicle.

i have always loved bmw's so being here was a dream!

it was maze like (in a good way)

the lighting was key

a sculptured car

80's model

the classic beamers

the exit ramp

hanging sculpture

timeline of bmw bikes

i think i could lift it up...the bmw isetta

one of my favorite parts was listening to the different engines through suspended headphones.

we ended our bmw day with a drive in a 335i on the autobahn going a whopping 175 mph.

sexy amazing cars plus great design equals the museum at the bmw welt (world) in munich, germany. this was such a fun museum to visit i could have spent all day there, innovation! if you are ever in munich you have to make a stop!

this is beautiful and a show stopper... you have to watch


just a pinch of color

so delicious

i want to live here!

i LOVE it!

the appliances make doing the laundry look fun!

the color is soft but it's still a pop, i love the floor!

i love everything about this room!! except the plants in the back...

the blue shade down the hall adds a pop! the hall alone is beautiful!

this art work is amazing! so clever and so colorful!

don't like your facade? change it with paint

a little pink does so much

sweet sleep

for some reason this room reminds me of coco ice cream-i like it

looks like a dream



oh that rug! i can't decide where i would rather sleep, the rug or the bed?

peaceful cottage chic sleep

i love the glam

an interesting idea for a headboard

this bed looks like i could sleep in until noon!
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