knickity knacks

Awesome gift for an iphone lover

I found these lights on Etsy.com made out of...paperclips! The thought of making one kind of makes me nauseous.

It's a "mouse"

Such a cool RGB lamp

I'm in looove with these rock tables by Arik Levy, I used them for a project in school...but I hope to own one in real life one day!

Forgot what happened last year or in 2003, 2004, etc? These Google headline pillows will help you remember, simple but fun idea by designer Elodie Blanchard.

Brilliant exterior brick lighting by Marco Casamonti

Give your guest a custom greeting with this awesome door mat from designer Jeni Rodger

I've been seeing a variety of interesting salt and pepper shakers but this set has to be my favorite, they'd look so glamorous on any table

put these fire spitting dragons in front of your fireplace

clever doorbell

I think these euro plates would make a great gift for a foreign friend or why not serve pasta on Italy or cheese on France.

beautiful wood flooring by Parador

A toaster that can print anything onto a piece of bread from Electrolux...I could have fun with that!

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