i spy new york: colored light posts

yesterday i had a task to do in astor place... of course i was distracted when i started seeing bright happy colored light posts on a cloudy gloomy day!

how cool are these?? hundreds of neon colored cable ties!!
i was in heaven! sadly, i only got pictures on my crummy iphone 3g 
(iphone 5 hurry the heck up)
but you get the idea...

i'm starting a new section on the blog called "i spy new york"
this city has amazing creative stuff going on everywhere i look and i need to share the fabulousness!


hotel lust: i like a little color with my hotel

oy! check out this fabulous hotel in miami beach designed by new-york-based design firm  
bhdm }
this boutique hotel is full of color and spice it screams miami...

loooove the polar bear!!

fabulous choice for art

a little sparkle makes me happy

i'm obsessing big time over these three images... 


jumped on the train...

love your doors- spice them up!

i've heard pinterest this and pinterest that for awhile now...i finally jumped on the train. i see why my amigas have been obsessing over it - plus it's perfect for a random tandom like me!! 
here are a few of my faves i had to pin right up!
 follow me- i'm under designmyheartout.

give me!

use an old fireplace for book storage

graphic and i love it

bring neon into your home

love fur+sheep

this is wallpaper!! i'm obsessed

i need to vacay here

interior inspiration... loving the color mix

i need this outfit to embrace the cooler weather in nyc



i'm home visiting and came to see my sisters in logan! when i came into my sister's room i died when i saw a chair she found (her roommate's "junk") and revamped it with some paint. i love the design and colors. i want a set of these chairs! i'm obsessing...


sticker wallpaper

 one of my very first projects i worked on with ghislaine viñas interior design was the mcfadden project in the west village. this home had an amazing custom sticker wallpaper installation (yes stickers) in the master suite that we were lucky to work with! this project had a small feature in this month's issue of elle decor. (yay!)

"from a distance of a few feet, the bedroom walls appear to be covered in an elegant damask. get closer, though, and the design takes on a life of its own. are those chains of glued-on daisies? elvises, hot-dog carts, dragonflies, and bears? in fact, this ersatz wallpaper is an elaborate installation consisting of thousands of dime-store stickers." ingrid abramovitch 
this unquie wallpaper made by payton turner was the perfect backdrop for this room. we added funky elements like neon yellow bedside tables and kept everything else crisp clean and white so that the wallpaper could be "the one crazy at the party" one of ghislaine's sayings that i love! we wanted to keep the room sophisticated but still cheeky like the wallpaper. payton is uber creative and i have never seen anything else like what she does!! i loved being in this room because if i starred close enough i saw a sticker of george bush next to a fire hydrant that was on top of a lolli-pop. i can appreciate the randomness! the wallpaper messes with you which gives the room personality.

the bedroom

close up of the wallpaper

the artist payton - she looks adorable! don't forget to check her site!!

images via: elle decor photography: addie juell 
you can read the full article here.


to the window to the wall

 no lil' jon post here...
i was walking from the gramercy park hotel (post of its own to come) and saw from the window these funky little heads attached to the wall. i looked up and saw the sign trixie & peanut - cute name right? i saw that they were closing and quickly ran in to grab a few snap shots. you know... that i love animal heads on the wall, weird obsession i know. 

these sculpted dog heads displaying collars is such a clever and cute idea for a pet shop! i want one of my former tea cup poodle and yorkie, rest in peace oreo and bentley.

i love these!!

image: from nytimes

i love walking around this city and constantly being inspired!


this weeks loves

i first noticed this frame because of the bright color. then i fell in love with the size and odd shape. then... the crinkled messy art inside makes it fab-u-lous! i would love something like this on a big wall.

this door in nolita always has something interesting going on, it's my favorite door in the city. last night i noticed it had a crazy lady with prozac all around her. i love the idea of giving your door some funk! 

had a great time attending new york spaces magazine top 50 designer party with my new friend (everyone thought we were sisters) ashlina! check out her awesome/inspiring blog thedecorista.com

i love seeing my favorite building! hearst tower has my heart.

i'm loving my orange doors in my apartment- they still need some touching up but the burst of color on my way out puts me in a great mood.

i got to work the allure magazine best of beauty products party - sadly... i didn't get to walk away with one of they schwag gift suitcases filled with thousands of dollars worth of beauty products. 
can we talk about how amazing it would be to walk off with one of those? 


disney's world of color

a few weeks ago i ventured off to disneyland with my husband and his extended family. 
we had an amazing trip together. one thing i loved about disneyland... seeing the world of color show!
i had no idea disney's california adventure was even doing this, i had no expectations which probably made it even more awesome for me!

"the world of color nighttime water spectacular weaves water, color, fire and light into a kaleidoscope of fantasy and imagination. more than 1,000 jets of water form incredible shapes in time to the music as disney characters come to life on a shimmering veil of mist." disney's website

this show is literally insane, i have never even seen anything like it before. it is like a water show on acid! i loved growing up watching disney movies so seeing the characters brought to life on water right before my eyes was amazing. watch the video i posted below. it's long i know (only part one)... but i promise it is worth watching. 

i love color and i love disney... enjoy!



i spy new york: a day in soho

last friday before a client meeting i spent some time walking the streets in soho. there were a few fun items i wanted to walk away with...

the first was an abe lincoln "piggy bank" from urban outfitters, he's bronze like the penny.

i popped into the moma store and was drawn to this rose heat pad.

coolest magnifying glass i have ever seen, also from the moma store.

 every time i walk by bobby berk home i always want to run off with the queen of love chair.
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