made my heart melt monday: last day of april!

happy monday readers, can you believe april has come and gone?
since it's monday you know i have some images to share that have
made my heart melt...
daria strokous by francois nars for vogue nippon,
can't figure out what part i love the most about this image...
the coloring, the styling or her pose?! i just love this photo!!
(doesn't she look like uma?)

i have been on a big collar kick lately...
this one here with large gems attached is insanely stunning!
i need one of my own. asap.

chuck bass, ed westick…whoever you are. i love you.

peace and love to the city i call home!

last week my hubby and i saw the enterprise shuttle fly over the manhattan skyline!!
such a cool and amazing new york moment. and speaking of shuttles i find them to be so beautiful and
make interesting art like this one here by richard silvera.

all white by javier garcheche 

this entrance at the hôtel particulier du marc in france
 is making my heart melt! those floors, the mirrored walls and that chandelier!

i want to kiss a baby lion!

i want to be in my utah mountains, this image makes me miss home and want 
to watch sound of music all at the same time!

loving this little banner that says "it's ok"
sometimes we need to be reminded that this too shall pass 
and it will all be ok! buy your own here

watch this big time heart melting video...
this big pup needs to hold his owner's hand while driving in the car!

adorable isn't it?!

hope these images made your heart melt too!!
happy start of the week!


BMW design story (video)

i love BMWs they are such beautifully designed cars!
two years ago my hubby and i had the opportunity to visit the BMW museum in munich, germany,
we were like little kids inside a candy store. 
(see my BMW museum post here after you watch the video below)

i just finished watching this video on all the detail that goes into designing a BMW...
it was interesting learning that as soon as the exterior designers are sketching the car on paper
the interior designers immediately start sourcing materials and designing the interior.

if you are a BMW fan or just love cars you need to watch this!

big BMW fans here, are you?!


finders keepers

i'm an extremely happy girl right now!
earlier today i went into my building's basement to throw away some trash and spotted
something so amazing...
a vintage knoll planter side table!!!

 i almost started doing the irish jig i was so excited!
i've found some pretty cool things down there that people were throwing out-
large frames, mirrors, cool lamps, books...but this tops the list.

i immediately brought the table back up to my place and gave it a good cleaning (it was covered in dust)
it now lives next to my bed and makes a perfect bedside table.
i am so happy i found a table i've dreamed about owning...and for free!!

this week as my hubby and i were walking to the miike snow concert
i saw this adorable little chair sitting on the side of the road, i immediately looked at
my husband and said " i want it" problem was we were headed to a concert and there was no way
we could bring a chair inside. so i could only hope it would still be there after the concert and...it was!
my sweet hubby carried the chair the whole way home! as soon as i find some free time 
this chair is getting a make over (i love a good DIY project)!

i have good plans for this little chair...

the best part about finding these items are the stories they'll always have with them!
your trash is my treasure.


a lovely chair

i have to share this sweet little chair that i am wanting
 from studio mw (wendy maarten)!
 i'd love one of my own someday soon.

i love that both the metal and fabric come in a variety of colors
and it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use!
(photos by Paul Schipper and styling in the last image by Freckle)

do you love it too?
happy friday...


adore color: cobalt blue

happy huesday my dear color lovers!
this week's color is one of my favorites...
and i'm so very lucky to be working with clients who love this color too.
we are transforming their living room into a sea of cobalt so this color has been on my mind non stop!

C O B A L T    B L U E

from top left to right-
say hello my phone's lock screen image of the gorgeous daphene groeneveld
and her bold cobalt blue eye shadow!
who likes blue trees?! i do! art installation by konstantin dimopoulos
pretty blue powder 
you better believe i'm using a blue light bulb in my project (don't worry it will look great)
are you brave enough to add some cobalt blue chunks to your hair? looks cool on a blonde!
you have a little something blue on your face, image via
wanting, needing, loving these cobalt blue earrings from kendra scott
an all blue monochromatic interior makes me extremely happy inside!
my clients chair got a cobalt blue facelift! (not the best picture)
but you get the idea...this chair def turned out amazing!

this color is striking.
(i hope you can agree)


made my heart melt monday: it's an image party!

it's an image party over at www.designmyheartout.tumblr.com
and you're invited!!

check out some of my favorite images from my tumblr blog 
that are making my heart melt this monday!

a good animated gifs (like this one above)
it a heart stopper...love how her hair
is continually moving.

who loves french fries?!

hot model in the desert...werk it!

beautiful coloring and such a beautiful animal,
check out how happy this elephant looks!

wish i could call this space home!

a bizarre photo > boring photo!

love her face and the styling in this one.
her pink hair works perfectly!

love this!!!
architectural installation by nika zupanc

pretty in pink pastels!

gold is always a winner in my book!
what a fan-freaking-fabulous jacket.

i find so much inspiration form a beautiful photo!
i could look at a fabulous images for days!

a great photo will always make my heart melt!
happy monday image lovers!


ready set paint it red

red isn't usually my go to color for walls. i'll have to admit it's hardly ever my first choice,
see i have this weird relationship with the color, i only like it if it's the deep, bold, rich, happy shade!

 i need to embrace this hue on the walls more.
here are 3 rooms that make me say-
"oh red, i adore you!" 

bold and beautiful shade of red! i also love how the radiator got some red lovin'!
image via

this wall may have an orange tint to it
but i love the monochromatic vibe going on here!
everything coming out of the wall gets painted the same color.
i love it!
image via

love these bold red walls in the dining room of a vacation home in montauk
designed by my former boss ghislaine viñas

red, i promise to love you more!


100 years of dance in 100 seconds (video)

last night i took my first dance class in a long time...
boy did it feel good to get my body on the dance floor.

so since i'm dance happy i wanted to share this video 
"100 years of dance in 100 seconds"


thank goodness for dance!
it makes my soul happy


what i love right now: mostra casa e conceito by guilherme torres

i am crazy in love (sing beyonce's song here) with brazilian designer
he is one bad-A designer who always inspires me. 
i'm a little obsessed with his work but right now i am loving his
mostra casa e conceito in londrina.

take a look at color + fabulous materials + art and graphics!

say hello to a beautiful funky/fresh space!
also...how cool is the metallic oil barrel for a table?

love, love, love the wall graphic!
mi encanta!

rubix cube side tables designed by mr. gt - how awesome are those?!
the black moooi dear into pendant looks fab!


great shot and styling!
check out that horse...ay!

love how the yellow pops! more great styling and art.

more yellow wall graphic please!

neon lights...just what the space needed!

major lazer design crush going on right now!
how i wish i could learn how his design brain works!!!

thanks for always inspiring me mr. torres

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