adore color: color me camel

happy huesday my dear color lovers!
i'm back from utah and i'm ready to share a color i am loving lately...
it's a neutral color that does so well alone or with pops of color

from top left to right
1. how lovely is this camel attire? it's what i like to call "camel fabulous" image via
2. these plywood walls scream the color camel, it's an interesting look
and "wood" make hanging anything a piece of cake! (dad joke) image via
3. really love these camel pumps by 3.1 Phillip Lim
4. loving and wanting this camel polish by RGB
5. camel coat amazingness 
6. i've been obsessing over this celine camel bag for sometime now!
7. people i want to punch in the face book- i think we could all use this
book to vent from time to time! 
8. color looks extra lovely when it is paired with a camel wall color! loving this room with a colored ceiling and colored doors.
image via 
9. someone looks a bit lost in the desert...it does make for a great image though.

all this camel talk reminds me of the time my hubby and i visited egypt and rode camels in the desert
(such an awesome memory, getting stuck inside a pyramid with no light...not such a good memory)

hope you all have a fabulous huesday!!


  1. Love the picture on the camels!!! ...and I need one of those folders to keep track of the "people I want to punch in the face".


  2. Such a great post, I've always loved the color camel. Cute pic of you and your hubby too:)


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