made my heart melt monday: last day of april!

happy monday readers, can you believe april has come and gone?
since it's monday you know i have some images to share that have
made my heart melt...
daria strokous by francois nars for vogue nippon,
can't figure out what part i love the most about this image...
the coloring, the styling or her pose?! i just love this photo!!
(doesn't she look like uma?)

i have been on a big collar kick lately...
this one here with large gems attached is insanely stunning!
i need one of my own. asap.

chuck bass, ed westick…whoever you are. i love you.

peace and love to the city i call home!

last week my hubby and i saw the enterprise shuttle fly over the manhattan skyline!!
such a cool and amazing new york moment. and speaking of shuttles i find them to be so beautiful and
make interesting art like this one here by richard silvera.

all white by javier garcheche 

this entrance at the hôtel particulier du marc in france
 is making my heart melt! those floors, the mirrored walls and that chandelier!

i want to kiss a baby lion!

i want to be in my utah mountains, this image makes me miss home and want 
to watch sound of music all at the same time!

loving this little banner that says "it's ok"
sometimes we need to be reminded that this too shall pass 
and it will all be ok! buy your own here

watch this big time heart melting video...
this big pup needs to hold his owner's hand while driving in the car!

adorable isn't it?!

hope these images made your heart melt too!!
happy start of the week!


  1. As always, great pics! I'm particularly loving that gorgeous collar and the baby lion makes me want to go hug my dogs!
    Have a great Monday!

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment Cathy! I wish I had a dog to go hug!
    Happy Monday to you!


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