adore color: bubble gum pink

happy huesday color lovers...
who loves bubble gum? better question who loves bubble gum pink?!
i'm not like most girls where pink is my favorite color,
but i always love a little pink here and there.
i actually have a lot of pink images i love but i picked out only a few to share with you today
i'll have to save some for next time!


(from top left to right)
how do you feel about pink hair? i could never pull it off!
i love this gal's pink pose in head to toe pink. via

another pink hair image! this one i love, it's such a bold look. via

one thing i love, love, love, is neon signs...like this pink "feelings" one above. via

great pink close up from the jill sanders fall 2012 show

this is a great piece of art that says "actually-true beauty never fades away" via

can't do a pink post without benjamin noriega ortiz's pink monochromatic rockaway bedroom!
i would love to fall asleep on that bed and dream of pink.

adorable pink gradient pendant lamp from studio wm 

urban life living in nyc means riding buses, i wish our buses looked more like this pink double decker!

when giving directions wouldn't it be so much easier if you could say " i'm the pink house on the left, you can't miss it" i could never have a bubble gum pink house but it is fun to look at! via

needing, wanting, loving this gorgeous pink tufted headboard! via

hope your huesday is colorful!!


  1. I'm glad you posted this. I have a pink guestroom and at the time I wanted it more shabby chic but now I'm trying to move it to being a more ecletcic space.


  2. Oooh! I'd love to see pictures of your pink guestroom!


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