i spy ny: cheese grater chandelier

late last night while i was walking around the lower east side waiting for our table at the meatball shop i
noticed a unique lighting fixture hanging up inside a cheese shop (i think? it was late..)
sadly, this cute little shop was closed so i had to snap a couple iPhone pics from outside...

if you look closely you'll see this light is made up of lots of cheese graters!
 it's a perfect light for a place that sells cheese sandwiches or cheese (i think?)

i love spying interesting things like this light in nyc on a daily basis.
city...i love you!

i've never seen a light made up of cheese graters before! have you?
(sorry for the crummy photos)


  1. Wow...how fun! Love unique lighting!

  2. BC of my love for cheese-this made me laugh. I had to look really close to see that the light was in fact made of cheese graters! How fun and creative?!


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