what i love right now: neon funnel structures from softlab nyc

these may or may not be my new favorite lights 
so happy to have stumbled across these gorgeous neon funnel structures from softlabnyc.com
now i can't get these beauties out of my head!!
these are called CHROMAesthesiae for devotion gallery made using laser cut high-gloss photo paper
  paper, plexiglass and binder clips!
"the color and scale of each of the funnel structures changes as the viewer moves across the suspended landscape. the installation investigates and challenges ones spatial and chromatic perception of space."
 take a look at these colorful hanging gems, and if you love them too
let me know!
aren't these insanely cool?!
neon gradient lighting pendants!
i love the binder clip look, i would have never thought to use that but it!

it's interesting seeing how these lights/pendants were made! 

these structures remind me of the hoop skirt lights i fell in love with in LA last year (see post here)
maybe i love these more because they're similar except they have NEON colors on the inside!
(photography by alan r. tansey)

i want one!
happy thursday...

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