adore color: sunshine

happy huesday color lovers!!
i spent my weekend on the beautiful kerr lake in virginia!
it was full of yellow sunshine...
so when i got home i had to create a "sunshine" board!
pops of bright yellow always brightens my day.

(from top left to right)
i love this image of a fabulous gal dressed in fur and yellow waiting for a subway...
she is one brave mama to sit on that nasty nyc bench, especially in that outfit!
image via

this is what i like to call a man's chandelier!!
how perfect would this be in a man's workroom
or garage?? image via

yellow man statue...such a fantastic sculpture!
image via

i think all the creative people can enjoy this quote...
"if you think it's that simple, do it yourself"
SO true!! image via

this image of a girl covered in yellow is fan freaking fabulous!!
image via

one of my all time favorite monochromatic interiors...
all yellow = happiness
image via

who wants yellow hardwood floors??
i know i do.
image via

hope your day is full of color!
much love


made my heart melt: 10 sayings to live by

i have this board on pinterest labeled "made my heart melt"
not only do i pin heart melting images i also love to find inspirational words to live by.
cheesy? maybe, but i honestly love seeing a good quote or two.
here are some of my favorites from my board that i wanted to share today.
they are making my heart melt after all.

really love this...
The first to apologize is the bravest.
 the first to forgive is the strongest. and the first to forget is the happiest
i always need to remember to enjoy the little things!

always be KIND!!

life is like photography, you use the negatives to develop.
remind yourself this during the hard times!

worrying will never change the outcome!
something i really need to remember because i am a worry wort.

my favorite quote from ms. coco chanel.
"in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.

"i'd rather be honest then impressive."

it's nice to be important...but its more important to be nice.

if we do not feel grateful for what we already have, what makes us think we'd
be happy with more??

the trick is to enjoy life!!!
perfectly said by marjorie hinckley!

hope these quotes/sayings are making your heart melt too.
happy monday lovers


wishing while packing...

i'm packing up for another getaway...
this time to a lake in north carolina,
none of my items in my duffle look as cool as the items on the bed below.


what i love right now: 5 interior shots

sometimes i see shots of interiors that just make me gasp!
it may be just one little detail that makes everything else seem so perfect,
or it's all the elements in the space that are fantastic!
take a look below to see what i love right now..

in this space it's all the elements that are
making this one image SO amazing.
yellows wood floors, and furry side chair all mixed with a yellow "love" neon sign!
image via

another interior image with multiple amazing pieces.
first off...i love that blue spray painted side table below
the bunny art and i also love the text on the wall.
image via

i'm all about that crochet lamp arm...it completely makes
everything perfect in this image!
image via

i love the styling in this image!! what a lovely settee and hello
gorgeous black floors!! i also love the art and floor lamp. it's all divine.
image via

this is bedroom styling perfection in my book.
i love when the beds don't look perfect and i'm also loving how the 
art is being held up with those metal magnet clips!
plus who wouldn't love a trunk for a bedside table?
image via

hope you're loving these images too!
happy thursday!


my projects with color duct tape

i love working with colored duct tape, when i'm working on a tight budget it is my go to cheap trick!!
i also really love the pop of color it brings into a space.
check out two of my projects below where i've used some colored tape...

this image here is from my apartment. i found three fugly looking brown bamboo sticks
in my old building's trash (shocker, i know) i loved them for their shape BUT hated them for their color.
so i brought them home and covered them with hot pink tape! it gives my space a splash of color and you can never go wrong with that!

when i was designing this chelsea apartment the budget was tight which
meant we didn't have money left over to get yellow fabric cord...so i covered the
white cheap cord with yellow duct tape! wa-la we got the same yellow look for half the price we would of spent on the fabric cord. 

try using some colored tape in your own space,
you'll be surprised at what you can cover up!
happy hump day!


adore color: a hint of mint

happy huesday color lovers...
wanted to share this hint of mint in the netted head piece above!
loving that color.


made my heart melt: daycation to nantucket (video)

my heart is still melting from our saturday daycation in nantucket.
when i was younger a good friend of mine had a sweatshirt that said "nantucket"
i remember asking her what that meant and she described the place to me.
ever since then i wanted to visit! it sounded like an east coast dream...

so saturday morning we jumped on a flight from nyc to nantucket. 
we walked from the (adorable) airport into town, about a mile walk. i loved it because we
got to see the area and feel the local nantucket vibe. we walked all over that cute little island, enjoyed lunch and spent some time at the beach. we were there for 5 hours and made the trip back home to the city.
it was wonderful to go visit nantucket, even if it was just for the afternoon.

we've been on a loot of trips and never make movies of our adventures...so this time we decided we'd make one! so go ahead and watch our video "daycation to nantucket" for a quick glimpse of our relaxing/joyous/beautiful afternoon...

and here are some instagram pictures from the trip
we are truly blessed we can travel like we do!!
if you ever get the chance to visit nantucket GO because it will make your heart melt!
hope you have a wonderful start of your week.


adore color: pink fluff

happy tuesday color lovers!!
i've been loving a lot of pink images lately which is weird for me because i'm not really a 
pink kinda gal.
but i do have a fascination for pink images! and lately it's been pink hair...
hope you love these pink images as much as i am!!

(top left to right)
this beaut has only a little hint of pink in her hair.  via
but her pink outfit is what grabs my attention! especially with her hidden pose. 
loving this pink art graphic so very much. via
pink brick?? why didn't i think of that...only for the brave and bold! via
would you sport this pink fur number around town?? via
love this splash of pink in the shower of an all white bathroom. via
fabulous pink coat rack by tom dixon.
half man half pink! this is such great art. via

pink isn't just for girls...
it's for the happy color lovers :)


made my heart melt monday: july 16

can you forgive me for being a slacker this past week?
i'm home in utah and when i'm here visiting my family i go into my try to avoid the computer
and play mode...you can understand that right?
so far i'm loving this trip home! i've been outdoorsy and i've caught up with the people in my life who i love and adore!!
i also have some images to share today that are making my heart melt!!

for some random reason i've been seeing a lot of danny and sandy lately,
but this image of the two has to be my favorite!! 
image via

loving this peekaboo of pink! kinda obsessing over this image here!
image via

am i slightly crazy for thinking this gold eye mask will help me sleep better at night??
the ultimate item for getting beauty sleep!
image via

so much color at the beach! 
wishing i could grab a flatly or two and head to the beach asap!!
image via

i want this "hate" platter from karen ryan
image via

possibly my new favorite image...currently my lock screen image on my iphone
image via

this image is just awesome!!!
image via

i went on the most gorgeous hike the other day...
can you see why utah makes my heart melt?

happy monday readers...
forgive my absence!


our AMAZING belize video made by justin pederson!! WATCH!

watch this first...

now watch justin's "lost in belize" video,
i think you'll love it!!
(make you sure hit full screen)

what did you think?!!
please retweet, post, blog, pin, share if you loved it!!

i'm so grateful i had the opportunity to visit such an amazing place!
can i go back??


new york is where the heart is...(video)

next month is our two year anniversary of living in new york city.
i know it is not very long...but this hood is starting to feel a lot like home.  it's nothing compared to our home back west in utah.  in fact they couldn't be more opposite.  i love and miss utah constantly but new york is our new home.  we like it that way, this city is unbelievable and it still can't believe we call it home.
it is crazy how time flies.

check out this awesome video below called "the street aesthetic of new york" 
it is beautifully done!


what i love right now: guilherme torres part II

i literally always love what brazilian designer guilherme torres does. he is one of my favorite designers on this planet!  he is a big think outside the boxer- and his work doesn't look like all the others.
he is a man of uncommon spaces and mixes pieces so well.  i. love. him.
right now i am loving the project that is featured on his mister black section on his website.
i am always so inspired by him... dream of meeting him!  if i ever go to brazil it's one thing i have to do!

wowza- that green chair and that brown tufted sofa...heaven!

i love all his details!

those tables are delicious! also loving the skull art.

i need that green chair in my life!

a bmw motorcycle next to antlers...love this man!

this space is eclectic fabulous!!
i would love to throw a party here.
i am seriously always loving mr. torres work!

images via his website

anyone else think he's the bees knees?
hope you had a fantastic holiday! happy almost friday...
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