do the polka

but here are some pretty images with polka dots...



drew barrymore goes glam

the never been kissed star looks fabulous than ever in the october 2010 harper's bazar!!
this spread is completely glamorous and i love every bit of it!

my fave!

have you ever seen drew this way?! i think she looks stunning...it's the true drew!
photographer: mark seliger


d.i.y. thanksgiving decor!

happy thanksgiving eve everyone!!
i wanted to share with you all a quick and easy diy project my cousin and i did for our thanksgiving table decor! our feast is going to get pricey so I wanted to make our table top decor was cheap as possible...
i came up with the idea of using used soup cans to hold our napkins and silverware 
and empty beer and wine bottles for candle holders. since i don't drink or cook enough to have 12 soup cans lying around i went diving through my buildings recycling (grossss)!!

it's sad when you're digging through the trash and think to yourself "jackpot"!! 
it was the jackpot because my neighbors had lots of beer bottles and tons of cleaned soup cans!

i made sure to realllly clean my soup cans!
after cleaning and prepping the bottles and cans i met up with my cousin
and we found the perfect orange sparkly yarn! 2 rolls for only $3!! 
(instead of yarn you could use ribbon, newspaper, colored tape, etc.)

when we got to her place we realized we needed more wine bottles 
(to give different levels on the table) so to her building's trash she went. it was a success...
(sorry for my *beer typo)
we wrapped the cans and bottles with our sparkly yarn and used candle sticks my cousin already had!!
next my cousin went to her fire escape to cut branches off the tree, we added the city branches to our larger and smaller cans that we'll eventually add flowers, berries or leaves to.
this little project only cost $3 for the yarn!! 
i'll make sure to post pictures on how we decorate the table with the bottles and cans after the holiday!!

i LOVE the macy's thanksgiving day parade!! i'll be waking up super early to get a front row joe spot.

i hope you all have a yummy feast tomorrow and try this little diy if you're needing a little cheap decor for your table!

SO much to be thankful for!!



have you "liked" designmyheartout on facebook yet?!
you know i will LOVE you if you like.


made my heart melt monday!

it's monday so that means...i'm posting images that made my design heart melt!! 
i hope they make your heart happy too...

plastic can be so fantastic!

i love when exteriors show some personality!

i twirled too my first time on top of the rock... i love this city!!

funky gorgeous chairs

i need this sign // i heart a lot of things!

love this for a guest bed!

i HATE them too little one

stunning hallway!! 

i am so obsessed with this outfit!! looooove!!

this is true!!

images via (pinterestthedecorista and google)

i hope you had a fabulous start to your holiday week!! 


design project comes to life!!

i'm so happy to share with all of you a project i worked on while working as a designer for
this project was just in the beginning phase when i first started! it is so exciting to see the final product after all the inspiration boards, renderings and meetings. 
i loved working on this project because there was a lot of creative freedom. instead of sourcing and "shopping" we brainstormed ideas and designed custom pieces and unique solutions. 

ghislaine said "it's intentionally a bit wrong," describing the color scheme.
the first time ghislaine walked in, she thought, how am I going to make this homey? her answer turned out to be color-blocking, a pop art ploy that's been showing up in fashion lately. (from interior design magazine)

on one of my first days on the job i remember sitting down with ghislaine as she sketched out this rock pattern which later turned into this fabulous wall mural painted by 3fingers.

i remember searching everywhere for the perfect neon orangey/red fabric that was used to reupholster the client's old chairs. the world needs more neon fabric!!

color blocking!

seeing the wainscoting come to life from my autocad drawings was an awesome feeling (nearly scarred my hand ironing those bed sheets for the shoot)!

a fun tounge-in-cheek bedroom for the kids

i wish i could call this home office my own! love the continuity of the orange stripe.

styling this shoot with ghislaine and photographer eric laignel was an amazing experience and i'm so glad i got to be a part of it!

picking out different shades of oranges and yellows wasn't as easy as you'd think!! 
i love how the ombre effect turned out!

my friend hayley and i had a good lesson on how to style beds for a shoot!! it's not easy!

love the yellow barn door!

so grateful i was able to work on such a creative and colorful project! i learned a lot and had so much fun during the design process. go grab the latest issue of interior design magazine or read the online article here!!

images from interior design magazine
photography by eric laignel.



brooklyn flea first timer!

today i finally made it to the brooklyn flea market!! i even walked away with a weird purchase that i'm super excited about!

this little boy didn't seem so thrilled to be at the flea.

i made the trip out to brooklyn today with my fabulous gal pal dina! 

i meet a new artist who takes interesting photos with old polaroids 
(post on him to come soon)!!

i'm SO bummed i didn't pick up a large letter... i should of grabbed the 
large "y" or the small "m"
next time it will be mine!

BUT i did walk away with an orginal piece of art!! it's 3d! every time i walk past it it has something funky going on. i've shown it to three different people today and their recations
"it's weird"
"it's really freaking me out"
"i hate it"

well... i love it!! i guess i love the weirder things in life.

too bad the picture can't capture it's 3d magic...

the weather and company were perfect today! glad i finally made it out to the flea, next time i go i'll return with a large letter(s).


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