made my heart melt monday

sometimes on monday's i like to share some interior images that make my heart melt.
let me tell you what i love about each image! enjoy.

this kitchen looks like a place where you learn to bake cookies! i love the homey lived in vibe it has. i think it gets it from the light fixture, chair and rug! three items i'd love to runaway with.

this image comes from one of my favorite design magazines...living etc! i love the soft coloring and the  pieces of furniture. i'd love to read to my future kiddos in this bed!

this is amazing pool furniture! take the living room outdoors and forget the ugly typical outdoor patio set.

that throw screams softest thing you'll ever touch!!

a music lovers family room!

a dream closet!! the prettiest shade of blue i've ever seen!

you can make any old wooden bed pretty again! just add paint :) i would have loved to have grown up in this room!

i may LOVE color but i also love dark and moody!

this space has a lot of pieces i'd be uber happy to own!!

pretty interiors make me happy...
hope you've had a lovely monday!


  1. I love the colorful outdoor furniture! Where is that picture from??

  2. Sadly I cant find where I found it- I think it was from a tumblr blog. Naughty me. Don't you just want to throw a party in that space??

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. That pool scene pic looks like something from the show "The Bachelor"--so fun!


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