d.i.y. thanksgiving decor!

happy thanksgiving eve everyone!!
i wanted to share with you all a quick and easy diy project my cousin and i did for our thanksgiving table decor! our feast is going to get pricey so I wanted to make our table top decor was cheap as possible...
i came up with the idea of using used soup cans to hold our napkins and silverware 
and empty beer and wine bottles for candle holders. since i don't drink or cook enough to have 12 soup cans lying around i went diving through my buildings recycling (grossss)!!

it's sad when you're digging through the trash and think to yourself "jackpot"!! 
it was the jackpot because my neighbors had lots of beer bottles and tons of cleaned soup cans!

i made sure to realllly clean my soup cans!
after cleaning and prepping the bottles and cans i met up with my cousin
and we found the perfect orange sparkly yarn! 2 rolls for only $3!! 
(instead of yarn you could use ribbon, newspaper, colored tape, etc.)

when we got to her place we realized we needed more wine bottles 
(to give different levels on the table) so to her building's trash she went. it was a success...
(sorry for my *beer typo)
we wrapped the cans and bottles with our sparkly yarn and used candle sticks my cousin already had!!
next my cousin went to her fire escape to cut branches off the tree, we added the city branches to our larger and smaller cans that we'll eventually add flowers, berries or leaves to.
this little project only cost $3 for the yarn!! 
i'll make sure to post pictures on how we decorate the table with the bottles and cans after the holiday!!

i LOVE the macy's thanksgiving day parade!! i'll be waking up super early to get a front row joe spot.

i hope you all have a yummy feast tomorrow and try this little diy if you're needing a little cheap decor for your table!

SO much to be thankful for!!


  1. great post! love the confetti!

  2. are you based in New York?

    email me. I just relocated close to the city

    jennyleephotography {at} gmail



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