hurricane sandy - vlog post

i always thought of sandy as a sweetheart,
but she turned into a real b**ch!!!

my husband took this picture today, this is on his bike path route 
to work!! check out that building!! lost the front to it's top floor, how awful to
have been parked right underneath that building.

flooding at ground zero!! not like they need anymore clean up...this image freaks me out
image via 

watering pouring in the new jersey path station 
seriously looks like an image from titanic or as my friend said a ride and universal studios.

a facade from a building in chelsea completely gone!!
image via

kinda love the guy who was covered in scuba gear and scuba diving in
the flood!

i don't even want to know what is in that water!!
image via

flooded subways!!! this is such a disaster!! the subways are my life line
for commuting around the city, now what??
i know this is something that won't be fixed anytime soon.
look how much water is in this station!! un-real!!
image via

watch how much water is going into the brooklyn battery tunnel!!
it looks like a ship is about to sink.

my husband and i were glued to our tv yesterday!
thanks to all the reporters who braved the storm to give us up to minute coverage!

did you see the con ed power plant explosion??
no wonder why millions are out of power!
this looks like something right out of a horror movie.

i did a vlog post so our family and friends know we are ok,
a lot of texts and phone calls coming in so i thought it would be best to send them all a
video update!

praying for all who weren't as fortunate as we were!!


sandy is on her way...

not that sandy.
i'm talking about  hurricane sandy.
you know, the storm that is on her way to hit the east coast as we speak.
what a beeotch!!

BUT don't worry, last night i went out and got the essentials.
#1 being my sour punch straws (and oops i ate them already while watching a movie)
yes mom, i also bought water, bread and lighters. if i can't go to the store for a while i must build a candy stash. it is halloween week after all.

i'm really hoping we don't lose power...that is what has me nervous.
i have a lot of work to get done this week and i need power!!!

ps this is what nyc grocery stores look like right now. i literally just walked in to snap a pic 
of the people who wait last minute. the line was crazy long...you would think there was a hurricane a comin'!

praying nothing serious happens and that this just blows over.
this will be my first hurricane and i'm kinda looking forward to falling asleep to the rain tonight.
if you're in sandy's path - stay safe amigos.


who run the world? GIRLS!

i forgot how much i love this video...
who run the world??? GIRLS! (duh)


blue wood floors? yes please!

in my last update on my yosi samra project i mentioned there is a lot of black and white going into the design. well the CFO really wanted color in his office (you know i loved hearing that!) and he wanted it to be the color blue! so i had some fun creating some blue design details!
check out some of the iphone pics i snapped.
brave clients are the best!

can't wait to see this room finished! those blue floors make me giddy.


daycation: vermont (video, gif)

my hubby and i were craving a fresh air - outdoorsy kinda day.
so we made a quick visit to vermont this past week and fell in the love with the north east state!
fall colors everywhere, local conversations at a diner, good food, driving in a CAR, ben and jerry's tour and some jewelry shopping! we both can't wait to go back, it was extremely lovely place!

flying over vermont was like being in a fall dream!

rocking chairs in the airport??? adorrrrable.

you have no idea how happy i was to be in a car!

local diner conversations are the best way to have breakfast!
if in vermont you must stop and eat at handy's lunch!

happier than a poodle with it's head outside a car window

colorful leaves were everywhere!

ben and jerry cowmobile

taking an ice cream tour!

creamy batter makes my mouth water

vermont state capitol 


enjoying the fresh outdoors!

oh heyyy babe!

i had a not so proud moment while driving...
i am usually super good at noticing signs and directions.
i guess i was just in the zone!!

even though i had a driving brain fart, i still LOVED every second of driving
through the gorgeous fall colors, singing to good music and lots of sunshine!!


yosi samra project inspiration and update

happy huesday readers!
i literally visited my new design project for the first time 2 weeks ago today.
when i went into the space...there were no walls up! demo was going on and the space was empty!
the project has moved extremely quick.
quick meaning as of today floors are painted, walls are painted, custom furniture is built, custom walls are up, new lighting etc!!

i am so happy with the quick progress...fast moving clients are a dream to me.
this project has been so fun to design around the company's brand!
loving that we are working with black and white. for me this is something different. my projects are usually all about color but i am loving working with those two classic shades.

i am not wanting to post any progress pictures just yet, especially since my client has been out of the country and hasn't seen the progress. i want it all to be a surprise for him.

below are three inspiration images...
oh black and white, you are so sexy!

image via
gitte lee ph tim walker image via

half black face - photographer wiktor franko image via

this project is so fun, dream clients, great space, fabulous brand!
i'm feeling blessed.


made my heart melt monday oct 15th

where have you been made my heart melt mondays??
so happy life has been the right amount of crazy good i've been looking for.
the last month and a half has been so crazy that my poor blog hasn't been feeling the love as of late.
lo siento (i'm sorry)...

i must share some of my favorite images from my tumblr blog www.designmyheartout.tumblr.com

hope you're having a fantastic monday!
love your souls.

found this above a light switch in the bathroom at a mexican resturanrt.
ummm...fell in love because I LOVE JOHNNY AND JUNE!

felix's jump yesterday...how crazytown was that?!
i'm pretty sure he had this same look before he jumped.

70's chic on the nyc subway.

can i fall asleep at night with lights like this??
i think it might make me smarter.

venice...i want you. right now. the most romantic place.
go there and get lost. don't wear a watch and don't have a plan.
explore and fall in love.

"don't forget to fall in love with yourself first." -carrie bradshaw.

model moment i got backstage during fashion week. 

i want to spend days right here. this location is such a heart melter.
please oh please let me go here.

two things my heart loves...
fishtail braids and camo jackets!!

crazy art...i must own!

found this image of me and one of my favorite ladies in life...
 since life has been crazy it means i haven't seen much of her.
annie, i love you can we plan a annie and morgan date asap?!!

i love this animated gif!!!!!
every time i see it i think to myself...
hands up! life is short and life is beautiful. dance on the street and sing out loud. those little moments will make you extremely happy! be happy to be alive!!!!

happy monday all!

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