daycation: vermont (video, gif)

my hubby and i were craving a fresh air - outdoorsy kinda day.
so we made a quick visit to vermont this past week and fell in the love with the north east state!
fall colors everywhere, local conversations at a diner, good food, driving in a CAR, ben and jerry's tour and some jewelry shopping! we both can't wait to go back, it was extremely lovely place!

flying over vermont was like being in a fall dream!

rocking chairs in the airport??? adorrrrable.

you have no idea how happy i was to be in a car!

local diner conversations are the best way to have breakfast!
if in vermont you must stop and eat at handy's lunch!

happier than a poodle with it's head outside a car window

colorful leaves were everywhere!

ben and jerry cowmobile

taking an ice cream tour!

creamy batter makes my mouth water

vermont state capitol 


enjoying the fresh outdoors!

oh heyyy babe!

i had a not so proud moment while driving...
i am usually super good at noticing signs and directions.
i guess i was just in the zone!!

even though i had a driving brain fart, i still LOVED every second of driving
through the gorgeous fall colors, singing to good music and lots of sunshine!!


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