yosi samra project inspiration and update

happy huesday readers!
i literally visited my new design project for the first time 2 weeks ago today.
when i went into the space...there were no walls up! demo was going on and the space was empty!
the project has moved extremely quick.
quick meaning as of today floors are painted, walls are painted, custom furniture is built, custom walls are up, new lighting etc!!

i am so happy with the quick progress...fast moving clients are a dream to me.
this project has been so fun to design around the company's brand!
loving that we are working with black and white. for me this is something different. my projects are usually all about color but i am loving working with those two classic shades.

i am not wanting to post any progress pictures just yet, especially since my client has been out of the country and hasn't seen the progress. i want it all to be a surprise for him.

below are three inspiration images...
oh black and white, you are so sexy!

image via
gitte lee ph tim walker image via

half black face - photographer wiktor franko image via

this project is so fun, dream clients, great space, fabulous brand!
i'm feeling blessed.

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