sandy is on her way...

not that sandy.
i'm talking about  hurricane sandy.
you know, the storm that is on her way to hit the east coast as we speak.
what a beeotch!!

BUT don't worry, last night i went out and got the essentials.
#1 being my sour punch straws (and oops i ate them already while watching a movie)
yes mom, i also bought water, bread and lighters. if i can't go to the store for a while i must build a candy stash. it is halloween week after all.

i'm really hoping we don't lose power...that is what has me nervous.
i have a lot of work to get done this week and i need power!!!

ps this is what nyc grocery stores look like right now. i literally just walked in to snap a pic 
of the people who wait last minute. the line was crazy long...you would think there was a hurricane a comin'!

praying nothing serious happens and that this just blows over.
this will be my first hurricane and i'm kinda looking forward to falling asleep to the rain tonight.
if you're in sandy's path - stay safe amigos.


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