new design project: yosi samra nyc offices

ever since i returned home from chile my days have been crazy insane (good thing)
i'm feeling so blessed with all the opportunities in my life right now!

the other day i took advantage of the perfect warm fall weather and went for a run.
while i was out my adorable friend called to say "hey would you be interested in designing offices and a showroom for shoe designer yosi samra?" my response was "ummm...hell yes!"

so by the next day i toured the site (currently under construction) and by that night wrote up a contract!
yesterday the contract was signed and i spent some good time at the new space going over all the little details with the construction crew KBR, very excited to be working with them as well. they work extremely fast. i like working with people like that.

i am completely stoked to be working on this project because i am obsessed with yosi's products.
i like their vision and i know they will be a great company to work for.

yosi has created these fantastic comfortable flats that fold up perfectly to fit inside your purse!
the idea came after he always saw girls take their heels off after leaving the club and walking barefoot (nasty)
so smart right? a fold up stylish comfortable flat!
my kind of shoe!

yosi's products are loved by many celebs in hollywood!!
he also designs adorable flats for the younger littles...those shoes are so cute i can't help it!!

his flip flop are also another huge it with hollywood's ladies.
they come in sooo many great options it is hard to pic a favorite!

you know i love the neon one!
he also designs sexy handbags!


designer yosi samra!

big thanks to my friend and nyc event planner elizabeth kennedy for setting me up with such 
a great project! i really appreciate when people do things like this for me because i am constantly
trying to find ways to help friends out so it is so good to know others are looking out for you as well!
love you for this girl (mwwwah!)

SO excited to get this project started!
i know it will be fast paced, custom designs, sleek and sexy and #1 goal make my client 
extremely happy!

ready, set, DESIGN!
stay tuned :)


  1. So excited for you!! Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

  2. Congratulations Morgan!!!!!

  3. Wow, congrats Morgan! How exciting!! Can't wait to follow this project and see what you do--you'll do awesome.

  4. Congrats, Morgan. So excited for you. Let the fun begin..

  5. Thanks everyone! I am so thrilled, this should be an amazing project.

  6. Exciting!!! Can't wait to see this project unfold:)


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