rolando santana nyfw spring 2013

fashion week was 5 insane days for me...
it meant a lot of away time from my hubby!
so i was thrilled when i got to bring him as my plus one to the rolando santana spring/summer 2013 show! we had great seats right underneath the lights and so we could see all the details
on every piece perfectly. this was my husband's first show so he especially loved being up close to all the gorgeous models. it was fun being able to quickly chat about what we loved about each piece as it went by.





click here to watch the runway video to get a better look at the fabulous spring 2013 collection!

bravo rolando bravo!
thank you so much for inviting us to your show...we seriously loved every minute of it!
i loved your muted palette mixed with pops of emerald, mint and that stunning orange.

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