5 new york fashion week outfits: thrifty nifty!

one thing you may or may not know about me is that i am one heck of a bargain shopper!
i love shopping at consignment and thrift shops for one of a kind pieces.
i love finding the best prices and a piece that is completely unique.
i hate malls and hate thinking of buying something that ten people can take home right after me.

this past fashion week i got a lot of compliments on my outfits i wore each day...and little did everyone know that almost every piece came from a thrift shop or i found it for super duper cheap.
a lot of my outfits were customized as well...
take a look below to see what i mean.

day 1:
(me with my friend amber blogger at barefootblonde.com before the peter som show...
i got her set up as a host for hey!hey,gorgeous. and together we enjoyed 5 crazy amazing days
backstage with the luxury hair website documenting all the fabulousness at nyfw.)

i found my beaded vintage top for only $11 at buffalo exchange in nyc a few years ago.
it was once a mini dress and i had it altered into a top.
i thought it looked better that way.

my metallic pants were found on sale at urban outfitters for only $10!
so my top and pants together were under $25...
such a steal!

day 2:
i got a lot of love from my metallic vintage 80's outfit on day 2.
i also found this piece at buffalo exchange in las vegas four years ago.
it was once a jumper with pants connected at the bottom but i cut them off and paired the top
with tight black leggings and combat boots from target. black feathered clutch also only $7!
my shades were found at the brooklyn flea market for $8! another favorite find.

i played with my hood all day long...
here i am messing around before the mara hoffman show.

day 3:
both my pants and top were found at buffalo exchange in nyc (safe it say it's my favorite store!)
i found these purple pants brand new for only $7...can you believe that? 
and the top is one of my all time favs! paid only $12 for it and i'm obsessed with the sequined sleeves. my shades were on sale at gap for $14

pink and purple combo!
me following the skaist and taylor show.

high waisted and baggy pants = super comfortable

day 4:
this was the only day my outfit didn't come from a thrift store but my pants and
top together only cost me $30!
my top was from h&m for $20 and my pants were on sale at urban outfitters for $9
they went perfectly with my leopard guess heels!

color, pattern and leopard! my type of mix

day 5:
my top was found...you guessed it at buffalo exchange! i found this vintage blouse for only $7 in portland, oregon. i wore it with my favorite copper metallic pants i found at urban outfitters for only $15!!! this was one of my favorite purchases because i had been eyeing these pants for awhile.
i had to be comfy so i wore my black combat boots found at target for $20

vintage and sparkle...you can never go wrong!

i love to shop but i love finding great deals and one of a kind pieces to add in my closet!
i have to admit i am one heck of a shopper...
i'm always on the look out for an amazing deal. if you ever want to go thrifting with me let me know!

www.dnainfo.com liked my day 2 outfit, check out their post here.
hope you liked my nyfw outfits!!


  1. You are too cute. Love your outfits!


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