the family that dives together...

stays together!
remember my family trip to belize last may?!
remember that amazing recap video my brother in law made?
he had hours and hours and hours of footage thanks to his handy dandy go pro!
he didn't want it all to go to waste so he created this 15 min documentary film.
he has us answer questions about our trip which is awesome! so fun to hear what others had to say about one another. he also has footage that you didn't see from the first video.
yes it's long but it is entertaining! you can see what my hubby and i are like underwater. would you guess he is more like a girl than me??
he comes out as my inner 3 yr old morgan under the sea.
it's long i know but i think you'll enjoy it!!

Aqua Peds - Belize from Justin Pederson on Vimeo.

what did you think?
does it make you want to visit belize??
i know i am dying to go back. such an incredible country.

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