i'm off to chile

did you know i am half chilean?!!!
my mother is from chile and all of her family is in chile except for a few!
when i was younger chile was the only place we would really travel to.
it would happen every other couple years or so and we would go for a month.
i looooved this trip. i loved seeing my family there, they are the most kind and loving people.
i am giddy right now thinking i get to see them soon.
the last time i saw them was in 2008 and before that i was 10 years old!!!!!!

now with flying benefits i had to go visit them.
especially since my mother is down there for doctor visits and treatments.
my mom's health hasn't been so great lately and it has been very hard on me.
i am constantly worried and i randomly start crying because i am scared.
i just want to go with my mother to the doctors and make sure everything is ok. i am a worry wort and this type of stuff kills me.
i love my family so much especially my parents and to think one of them is sick really terrifies me.
right now nothing is more important then heading down south to be with her and my family.
my grandma is getting older and her health isn't in the best shape either. i just want time with them. i don't care if we all just lay in grandma's bed together. i just need those moments.
i love going to chile and i am SO grateful i have the opportunity to do so right now.
i will soak in every moment.

wish me luck that i'll make my flight (standby issues :) ) and that my spanish will kick in,
and that everything comes back a-ok from the doctors!

much love to you all...


  1. Love you Morg!!! I hope your trip is amazing <3<3

  2. Maite Delucchi9/21/12, 12:56 PM

    OMG! I´m from Chile, loooove your blog!
    Where does your family live in Chile?

    Hope you have a wonderful time, buen viaje :)

  3. My family is in San Antonio and Santiago!! I love visiting San Antonio...it's one of my favorite places.
    Where are you from??
    Thanks for loving the blog!

  4. Maite Delucchi10/21/12, 1:12 PM

    I´m from Concepción, 310 miles south from Santiago.
    I hope your mom is feeling better, being around loved ones is always a good therapy.

    keep up the good work!


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