nonoo presentation s/s13

last friday morning right after the peter som they hey,hey!gorgeous. crew and i headed over to check out the nonoo spring summer 2013 collection. i was in for a real treat! it was my first ever presentation and i loved it because i could get up close and personal with the models, the clothes...and their fabulous hair!!!
seriously the hair was fantastic! milk maid braids braided with fabric! you read it right... fabric!
i was really dying over the blues and reds in this collection. there were a lot of pieces i def wanted to run away with. i love when the models see a camera because they go straight into fierce mode! i thought this presentation was done fabulously well. it had a vibe of it's own and i really fell head over heels for it!
my first presentation show was wonderful!!
check out some of my iphone pics below.
let me know what you think!

i bet the models preferred these sneaks over high stilettos! 

i love this photo they all look so stunning...especially the gal on the right.

floral prints for the win!

give me that blue blazer please! isn't that model adorable...i love when i can get a smile 
out of them!

are you loving that hair or what?!
i need to try this asap except i have no idea how to do a milk braid!
teach me...

hey look there is olivia palermo again...such a cutie! check out those sexy leopard shorts!

hope you're having a swell tuesday!


  1. I love the itty bitty star print! Very nice. And the hair is pretty much awesome. I suffer from serious braid envy - my hair is too short and too fine. But I found this for you...



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