Color Makes Me....Happy!

soccer field rug...clever!

a throne perfect for...Mariah Carey

Diamond table from Boca do Lobo.

I love Kelly Green Walls!

so simple so beautiful

I love love love back painted glass!


I want to use these colorful chairs by a pool one day...

I enjoy a colorful hotel lobby

Gummy Bear lights...yes please!


Perfect for a summer BBQ!

If you have seen my work you know that I enjoy color! I have been lucky to have interned/work for designers who have the same appreciation for happy hues! Here are a few colorful pieces that make me happy!


stop and stare

interesting wood carving in a creperie in soho

beautiful colors

I want this lighting in outside of my home one day

such a cool store front

I would love to see this design in a eye doctor's office!

MIT student art work, the color changes when you touch it...

I love this photo!

this piece was in the 2michaels Kips Bay room this year-would you believe me if I told you each head was made out of phone books?!

stairway to...

a different way to go up or down



What I like to call the Car Vending Machine!

Inside the 200' glass tower used as car storage.

Inside one of the pavilions.

I loved this wall of side view mirrors!

This was the only thing inside the Bugatti pavilion,
 but it was a breathtaking car and display.

I wanted to fit inside so bad!

I was looking through photos in my iphone and images of "Car City" came up and reminded me how innovative that place was, and I thought... I must share! This summer while Britton and I were on our Europe tour we stopped in Wolfsburg, Germany during our stretch from Berlin to Amsterdam. Why Wolfsburg? Because it's home to the Autostadt, and where Volkswagen is headquartered. The place was amazing! It had museums, one including a mini track for children where they can drive small electric cars in the form of Volkswagen Beetles, I tried to fit but I was too big. There were different pavilions for different types of cars such as Bugatti, Lamborghini, Audi, Seat, Skoda, and of course Volkswagen. Each Pavilion had its own unique design or special feature inside-some were over the top which made it even more interesting! There were Restaurants, shops, dealerships, and even a virtual ride. Over 400 architects worked on the complex! While walking around I felt like I was inside a Revit computer rendering! But my favorite part of the whole experience was taking the lift up the 200 ft glass silos used as storage for new Volkswagens. I just called it the car vending machine because that's pretty much how it worked. Such a unquie design and concept! Check out our video we took of the lift and pictures of this place. If you're ever driving by Wolfsburg,make a stop at the Autostadt!



Ray Knitted lights by Llot Lov- I love it!

These lights are very simple but the knit work makes it very unique!

40' long cable...

A knitted chandelier sounds like a hot mess but I think if done correctly it could be beautiful!

I love this close up detail.

Knitting something old, ugly, boring, or whatever can give it a whole new look. But never go overboard with knitting unless you want your space to look like your great grandmother's. I think I'll start attending knitting group...

10 Points


Love the runway use of antlers!

I think these horns/antlers make the room or should I say closet??

Another funky version of antlers on the runway-I wonder what would happen if I wore these through the city?

Baby room version, I hope they were mounted properly!


Great for hanging things

Mrs. Viñas did this display in one of her projects, I am meant to intern with her!

Knitted (this sparked another idea!)

My antler makeover

Lady Gag knows what I am talking about...

The crisp white version

I have had this weird obsession with antlers for a few years now...random I know! Not saying that I love collecting them nor do I like the rustic homes where men hang their big 10 point antlers year after year on the wall! I hate the large antler chandeliers as well, they're just not for me.. I am talking about the abstract version of displaying antlers. My junior year of college I designed a room where I had turquoise lacquered antlers above the fireplace. Since that project I have had an itch to do something with antlers. So before moving to NYC I bought some small mule deer antlers then spray painted them metallic gold to put above my bed. I love how they turned out..chic I must say. So I found some photos of antlers with a twist!
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