Color Makes Me....Happy!

soccer field rug...clever!

a throne perfect for...Mariah Carey

Diamond table from Boca do Lobo.

I love Kelly Green Walls!

so simple so beautiful

I love love love back painted glass!


I want to use these colorful chairs by a pool one day...

I enjoy a colorful hotel lobby

Gummy Bear lights...yes please!


Perfect for a summer BBQ!

If you have seen my work you know that I enjoy color! I have been lucky to have interned/work for designers who have the same appreciation for happy hues! Here are a few colorful pieces that make me happy!


  1. This post just made me squeal! I love color so very much. I could roll around on all of this color.

  2. I am glad it did! I love color too!


I love you for commenting

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