going to the 2011 mtv movie awards!!

i can't think of a better way to kick off summer than by heading to los angeles for the 2011 mtv movie awards- thanks to my awesome brother-in-law who works for summit entertainment {they made twilight}. he is letting me be his +1 and thanks to my hubby for sharing his skymiles! can i just say i am suuuuuper excited!!! i mean super! i can't believe i get to go- thanks brother from another mother!

but...what the heck am i going to wear?! if you've ever watched, you know the outfits get funky! i've only spent one day so far searching for an outfit...so please let me know if i'm on the right track- or did i pick out three gross/weird/what the heck are you thinking kind of outfits?! tell me!!

this year's host

thanks to twilight i get to go!

outfit #1 gold shiny in the back- has the funky vibe i am looking for...

i am not loving the graphic in the front- but i do like this dress. is it too vegas trashy or the right kinda mix for an mtv party?

#2 bad weird or good weird?

#3 simple black dress-would jazz up with some crazy earings

some of this years presenters! oh haaay minaj! 

i've only spent one day on the hunt- i still have one more week to find the right outfit! let me know your thoughts? por favor!

creative camping

summer is pretty much here, woooohoo! i have missed the warm sun on my skin- i'll tell you the one thing i don't miss...all the gross smells that come with the heat in new york city...they are terrible!

i have a lot of fun trips planned for this summer and one thing i can't wait to do is go to my husband's family cabin in wyoming. the picture below represents cowboy country pretty well except this picture has an adorable trailer in it! i grew up with a mom who hated camping and with a father who dreamed of sleeping in the woods. maybe this little camper could have kept them together?? no, i don't think so. check out how cool this little camper is! it is styled/designed pretty well...tree wallpaper on the inside? ka-ute!

i miss the blue skies, green grass, and open space!

antlers on the inside- another adorable little detail.

black and white stripes - you know i love them!

isn't this extremely adorable? go check out out caravanolic to see more of there campers. creative + camping = an enjoyable outdoor experience (at least for me).

{images came from fitinhouse.com, notyouraverageordinary.com, housedesignreview.com, artofvisualcommunication.blogspot.com}


erase your hatred

in the designboom mart at icff this year i made a friend named casey chen {kinda rhymes...friend, chen} he was selling these awesome erasers that look like brass knuckles. they're cool because you can get a good solid grip on your eraser and erase away all your hatred. they come in a few different colors and they are brand spankin new and will be available shortly for purchase at www.farm.sg they would make a great gift.

casey sent me two yesterday and i was super happy to get them! 

testing them out at icff

me with mr. casey chen at his booth

playing with my new awesome erasers

cool eh?

thank you casey, i love them!!!!


sister. summer. diy.

i have two baby sisters...one {i won't mention any names...} won't come visit me in the city this summer {saaad}. i understand, she has to work, golf stuff, yaddy yadda. the other sister is dying to get here because she has a crush on the big apple- and i say- come flirt sista! 
this sister and i like to make things {we come from a creative family, minus my mom but she's still special} so i told her when you get here i have a list of things we can make...and hopefully sell. a girls got to eat, right? we both appreciate the funky and unique stuff in life, plus my sis has bomb.com style. she'll buy something, bring it home, and then do something weird to make it her own before wearing it out! we hate malls and getting the same stuff as everyone else- so what's more unique than making something yourself? i've been searching and i have a good idea of where i can find the items we need. i have come up with some cool clothing/scarves/jewelry ideas and even started to sketch a few things down. but here are some photos of inspirational items {all jewelry} i plan on making thanks to honestly wtf and ps i made this {those chicas always inspire me}...

a necklace i bought at a thrift shop -- has given me lots of ideas!


b&w with subtle color

i found this image awhile back {i think it's bea-u-tiful}...and i thought i would post interior spaces that are black and white with subtle color...i guess you could say the rain and gloomy weather is starting to really drive me nuts! xoxo sleep tight and pray for sun!

isn't this such a cool shot? i wish i knew it's details...

georgian national ballet


feelin like a rebel

8:48 am this morning a subway rolls up after 15 mins {that is pretty long for rush hour} and i need to be to work at 9am and of course the subway is jam packed - i have no choice but to shove myself in. unfortunately, no one on the train wanted to move and let me. one lady sassed me and said "sorry sista i have back pains and i don't want anyone smashing my purse." i replied "they do it in tokyo!" i wiggled and got right in barely fitting inside the closing doors. today sucked because i had to bring two bags, one had to go on top of my head, and my purse got smashed- bye bye to my grapes, hard boiled eggs, and raspberries i packed for lunch. i did feel bad for the little asian lady who fit perfectly under my arm pit {don't worry i wear d.o.}.

anywhoo- i felt a little rebellious this morning shoving into a completely packed train and announcing to the whole car "they do it in toyko" you know you look funny when you pull up to the next stop and people pull out their phones to grab a picture of the girl with a bag on her head smashed against the glass door {so disgusting} on the subway. mondays...

so feeling rebellious and all reminded me of the awesome rebel/punk furniture by jimmie martin ltd - this british company knows how to give their pieces some funk! i don't think i could ever decide on just one of their pieces...i want a lot of them! they have amazing stuff- but i don't think you could have multiples of their stuff in one space...my opinion.

check out my wants...

how adorable is this recipe chair?

i think these would make perfect bedside tables.

multi colored frame

this is one fierce bed!

this would make a great wall covering-

i have a thing for colored shelves

love the spray paint, details, and the coloring in this piece


i love their stuff!! looove and want! go jimmie martin!

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