will + kate

i didn't catch royal wedding fever until i watched a barbara walters special about a week before the big day. the wedding happened while i was home in utah...perfect!  i'm not ashamed to admit i stayed up all night to watch! my mom, her friend, my sister, and my good friend made a party out of it...we wore our pj's and our special hats, we ate croissants, krispy kreme cake, fruit, and orange juice... we loved it! i remember as a little girl staying up late to watch diana's funeral- i even had a crush on prince william...so i had to watch! i love the fact that kate "a normal girl" is now in line to be the queen of england...can you say fairytale!? sounds like every girl's dream!! how could you not want to watch? crazy to think one third of the world (says the ny times) was watching. later on friday we watched will & kate the movie (super cute) we were expecting cheeeesy but it was actually really cute and i enjoyed learning about their 8 yr history, you can watch it online here (you should watch!). can i just say kate was one of the most gorgeous brides i have ever seen! loved her dress, her hair, and i love that she did her own make up (and how they won't have servants...just in case you were wondering).
i sound like a crazy person blabbing on about the royal wedding - but it was so nice to watch everyone be so excited and happy about a marriage...yes i am a romantic, so how could i not enjoy watching the royal wedding? check out some of my favorite images from their wedding day.

(wonderful images from getty images and zimbio)

hadsome couple- i think they will make some beautiful little nuggets!

i think this may have been my favorite part, so cute watching the brothers come out dressed in their uniforms. do you think princess diana would have sat between them on the ride to the abbey? i do.

the first look at her dress- go sarah burton go! kate is goooorgeous! another random fact- her something blue was a blue ribbon sewn into her dress, her something borrowed was the tiara from the queen, and her something new were her earings from her parents.

i loved how will was the last person...in the world (of the millions watching) to see his bride. the smile on his face was priceless!

amen sista!

the duke and duchess of cambridge!

this screams fairytale!! cinderella anyone?

i looooved this shot!

greeting thousands

the sweet kiss... will's goddaughter doesn't look too happy.

the royal party

i loved her dress for their party!! love- love- love- fuzzy and bling, just how i like it! her waiste is teeny meeny ey?

cheers you cuties!

ok...make fun of me or whatever for being semi obsessed...but i honestly wish them
 a happily ever after!!


  1. LOVE this post!!! The Royal Family - SOO intriguing :)

  2. Love everything about Will and Kate!!!

  3. Love it! Who cares if we're obsessed (:


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