now it's her turn...meet ella

while walking around in the spain section at icff it was really hard not to notice the bubble gum pink foosball table at the rs-barcelona booth! i was grinning from ear to ear...here is why - this past summer at my family reunion we really got into foosball. we had competitive tournaments with teams and brackets. me and my two sisters were on a team, we called ourselves "team females" (we were actually pretty good, showed the boys a thing or two) so when i saw the all girl pink foosball table at the show i kept thinking, how perfect is this?! why haven't i seen this before? it's always the same little boy players on the table. now there is ella, she has the exact porportions as her male partner except she has curves... way to go rs-barcelona. thanks for bringing in some sass to the game. a big shout out to maria carrasco {from rs-barcelona} thanks for being so kind!

they call her ella...

it's so pretty- i want to play!

me and my family playing our foosball tournaments. girls won!

i bet she wants this table more than i do...

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