feelin like a rebel

8:48 am this morning a subway rolls up after 15 mins {that is pretty long for rush hour} and i need to be to work at 9am and of course the subway is jam packed - i have no choice but to shove myself in. unfortunately, no one on the train wanted to move and let me. one lady sassed me and said "sorry sista i have back pains and i don't want anyone smashing my purse." i replied "they do it in tokyo!" i wiggled and got right in barely fitting inside the closing doors. today sucked because i had to bring two bags, one had to go on top of my head, and my purse got smashed- bye bye to my grapes, hard boiled eggs, and raspberries i packed for lunch. i did feel bad for the little asian lady who fit perfectly under my arm pit {don't worry i wear d.o.}.

anywhoo- i felt a little rebellious this morning shoving into a completely packed train and announcing to the whole car "they do it in toyko" you know you look funny when you pull up to the next stop and people pull out their phones to grab a picture of the girl with a bag on her head smashed against the glass door {so disgusting} on the subway. mondays...

so feeling rebellious and all reminded me of the awesome rebel/punk furniture by jimmie martin ltd - this british company knows how to give their pieces some funk! i don't think i could ever decide on just one of their pieces...i want a lot of them! they have amazing stuff- but i don't think you could have multiples of their stuff in one space...my opinion.

check out my wants...

how adorable is this recipe chair?

i think these would make perfect bedside tables.

multi colored frame

this is one fierce bed!

this would make a great wall covering-

i have a thing for colored shelves

love the spray paint, details, and the coloring in this piece


i love their stuff!! looove and want! go jimmie martin!


  1. Very nice Morgan

  2. I saw that mirror on another site and I immediately thought of you! Love it.


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