new york - move dance

empire state of mind may be a cliche new york song...i know - things are changing and this song reminded me that in new york you can really do whatever you want, and i will [try at least]. if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere - right frank?

oh and for the video... this was a dance me and my two gal pals choreographed last year at utah state. i really do miss dancing with those kiddos! i saw a few of my friends from my dance team while i was at usu last week so after hearing empire state of mind and after seeing my dance buddies i thought it was a good time to put up this video. i am in the lime green [one of my fav colors] enjoy.


  1. Joey Joe Joe5/7/11, 2:53 PM

    Aw Morg! It was so good seeing you too! We miss you tons! And Im serious about visiting you out there! Mu hahaha!


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