danish design love

one of my favorite websites to turn to for a design fix--
it's a danish website that always leaves me feeling satisfied
i love scandinavian design with all my heart. 

the wallpaper and books are divine

i love the colored door fronts and the fenced railing

great styling

so perfectly beautiful

i love the cow head, the colored steps and hand rail

images via bolig


animal prints and summer color

 last month i attended asid's summer social at the tribeca rooftop with my client and friend laura.

during the party i answered some questions for editor at large tv...
at one minute in see if i say yay or nay to animal prints

at two minutes in see what colors i say i like for summertime


it was a hot summer night filled with lovely company!

wanting wednesday...horrible adorable

while at my friends house the other day ( kristy ) i noticed she had some adorable creatures on her wall. 
i am a huge lover a funky animal antlers and that kind of shinanigans.  
you know... i like weird odd things. so when i spotted these, i had to know where they came from. kristy picked them up at the renegade craft fair in brooklyn from jordan elise

check out the horrible adorables

would be great in a kid's room!

doesn't this 

aj fosik sculpture look like the king of horrible adorable?


his creature has a little more grrr to it!

i need to get my hands on one or at least use one in a project! i love quirky things like this. thank you kristy for introducing me to these funky creatures!


potholes have never looked better!

thanks yarnbombers for making ugly potholes look happy and fabulous.

yarnbombing: is one of the many ways street artists add a little something extra to our urban environment. a little fyi for all of you who don't know what it is. 

what inspired this post?
the nyc earthquake (i didn't even feel it, sad)

never thought i'd say potholes look pretty...

if you're a travel junkie...

you'll love this. 
i love to travel! it is one thing my hubby and i absolutely love doing and we love doing it together. watch this short but awesome video. "sta travel australia sent 3 mates, rick mereki, andrew lees and tim white on an amazing journey around the world. see a six-week journey of a lifetime crammed into one epic minute." - youtube. 

ready - set - watch!


human flight

skydiving has never looked so peaceful...
check out this video made by the melbourne skydive centre it is quite beautiful.


designing for the dating and relationship expert

thanks to my fabulous client l.g. i landed a great freelance job doing some graphic design work for matt titus president of 'the love consultants'.  he is always throwing new and fun challenges my way and i love getting the opportunity to design for him!  watch this tv reel of matt, if you're in the need of some dating or love advice check him out.


stockholm black + white

i am a big lover of scandinavian interiors!! check out this stockholm home (say that fast five times) by architects guise styled by decorator/stylist joanna bagge 
(can't understand her blog but it inspires me). 
it has a modern, chic, minimalist style and i find it fabulous! 

i love this black chair placed right in front of the black wall

same again with the white chair

beautiful sleek cabinetry 

the stove/fire pit/not so sure what it is- but it is perfect for the space

love the pop of color and the creatively designed stairs

i love swedish interiors!


use your imagination

there is this house on veron jackson in queens right below queensboro bridge that i am in love with! 
 not in love with the house as it is now but i love the idea of what it could be.
 i first noticed this historic casa while passing by in a cab and immediately thought: with a big renovation budget this house could one day be amazing. i've passed by it a few times but as i rode by today on my bike i had to stop and take pictures.

like the title says... "use your imagination

this would be a giant home with amazing views of manhattan, east river, queensboro bridge, etc! it's having a home with a lot of space in a completely urban environment. dreamy!
 the location is in a sketchy neighborhood (could always add a big fence), the projects are close by and the walk to the subway would be long and scary. 

for now i'll keep imagining the wallpapers and furniture i'd use, the delicious kitchen, space planning and all that fun fluffy stuff. 

i would love to bring it back to life.


photos that speak to me

it is past 2 in the morning.
 i should be sound asleep but instead i got lost on piccsy. 
here are a some images that speak to me.

i am completely obsessed with the color scheme in this image

i'm no star wars fanatic i just thought this photo was adorable

the original photoshop

i've always wanted to swim with or pet a dolphin... but a baby dolphin! how stinking cute is that?

one of my favorite hair styles... i am such a fan of the high ballerina bun. especially in the hot humid summer months.

egg cartons have never looked more beautiful! i looove this shot.

breakfast is served!

i'm not very big into video games, but if i could play them with will (fresh prince style) then i could get into them.

if i had the time, fun car, amazing playlist... this roadtrip would be amazing!

who isn't happy on a swing?

their happiness makes me happy!

going to bed. buenas noches. 


a cheap trick

my sister went to a local thrift store and purchased this old frame that had an ugly looking clock on the inside for only $6.

she called to ask what color she should paint it, my first response... kelly green! 

so two spray cans of green (not really kelly green but it still looks great) later this is what it looks like now -

i love the color and the shape of the frame.
she hardly spent any money for the whole thing -
spray paint can make a big difference...

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