use your imagination

there is this house on veron jackson in queens right below queensboro bridge that i am in love with! 
 not in love with the house as it is now but i love the idea of what it could be.
 i first noticed this historic casa while passing by in a cab and immediately thought: with a big renovation budget this house could one day be amazing. i've passed by it a few times but as i rode by today on my bike i had to stop and take pictures.

like the title says... "use your imagination

this would be a giant home with amazing views of manhattan, east river, queensboro bridge, etc! it's having a home with a lot of space in a completely urban environment. dreamy!
 the location is in a sketchy neighborhood (could always add a big fence), the projects are close by and the walk to the subway would be long and scary. 

for now i'll keep imagining the wallpapers and furniture i'd use, the delicious kitchen, space planning and all that fun fluffy stuff. 

i would love to bring it back to life.

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