mi casa

i finally got around to taking better pictures of my humble abode. i can't believe my lease is up this month! to stay or not to stay? that is the question.  as soon as i return to the big apple  finding a new apartment becomes my number one priority! joy (sarcasm)! apartment searching and moving in nyc is never easy or fun. if you find a place you like you can't take a day or two to think about it. you must make up your mind right away or you'll lose the place to the next eager person in line. 
bring on the housing search!

check out the photos of my pad taken by my good friends kelly and cardon webb.

studio living was a challenge at first considering we came from utah (homes with lots of space) but sadly, i think we are getting used to small apartment living.


  1. Love the bright color in your place!! And that photo/art wall in your hallway using painters tape... so cool! You've definitely used the space creatively and that is so important within smaller sq. footage.

  2. Thank you! Really glad someone appreciates my cheap and easy art display! If I have to live in a small space I want it to feel happy.


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