photos that speak to me

it is past 2 in the morning.
 i should be sound asleep but instead i got lost on piccsy. 
here are a some images that speak to me.

i am completely obsessed with the color scheme in this image

i'm no star wars fanatic i just thought this photo was adorable

the original photoshop

i've always wanted to swim with or pet a dolphin... but a baby dolphin! how stinking cute is that?

one of my favorite hair styles... i am such a fan of the high ballerina bun. especially in the hot humid summer months.

egg cartons have never looked more beautiful! i looove this shot.

breakfast is served!

i'm not very big into video games, but if i could play them with will (fresh prince style) then i could get into them.

if i had the time, fun car, amazing playlist... this roadtrip would be amazing!

who isn't happy on a swing?

their happiness makes me happy!

going to bed. buenas noches. 


  1. I love all those pictures! Especially...well all of them, haha but the Star Wars one is adorable :)

  2. I love the last one... I wonder what they are so happy about?


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