viva forever: a spice girl musical!

have you heard the great news?!!!
judy craymer, the woman behind the ABBA musical "mamma mia" is producing
"viva forever" the spice girl musical!!

i need to go london to see this...i grew up in the 90's which means i was a HUGE spice girl fan!
my first cd i ever bought was the spice girls, i even had a spice girl birthday party...
i dressed up as a spice girl or two for halloween!! i used spice girl pencils at school and always wanted to wear platforms like they did.
i can sing the lyrics to all their songs and quote their (cheesy) but oh so great movie...spice world!
maybe i should be a tad bit embarrassed sharing my love for the girl power group, but i'm not.
the thought of a spice girl musical is making me want to jam out right now!
anyone else loved this group too? or am i a weirdie?!

ps my favorite was ginger!
who was yours?!


jetblue on the cover of interior design magazine!

i think this may be the first and only time mine and my husband's career paths collide!
his offices at jetblue in long island city, ny is on the cover of interior design magazine.
it's so exciting reading and seeing his workplace featured in one of my favorite design magazines.
his offices are so rad and i'm glad the magazine thinks so too!
the jetblue cover of interior design magazine

watch this video clip below of the space...

this video was shot for HLW International and interior design magazine
check out the online article here titled..."flight plan"
still jealous of my hubby's awesome work place!

go jetblue!!
happy friday loves


DIY: a cross stitch headboard

when i first moved into my apartment i knew i wanted a statement piece for a headboard...
i also knew i didn't want to spend much money on it either.
so i walked around home depot until i came up with an idea!

i soon found myself in the pegboard section, after noticing all the little holes i decided i wanted
to make a cross stitch headboard!

i walked around and found some neon hot pink mason string then picked up some cans of gold/bronze 
spray paint.

i purchased everything for under $25!!
brought all my materials home and this is what i came up with!

grab some pegboard and make your own cross stitch headboard!!
go try this d.i.y!


adore color: the blues

happy huesday color lovers!
i'm feeling a bit blue today...yesterday i had my iphone stolen!! 
so this week i've pulled some on my favorite blue images together for this week's 
color board.

(from top left to right)
i love this one piece swim suit, she makes me want to be back at the beach! via
i recently just purchased these funky blue ksubi sunnies but in black
i want this fantastic blue kelly wearstler clutch!
love this blue house with a red door by helenio barbetta
how fantastic are these ysl blue loafers?!
all blue mosaic tiled bathroom via living etc
i love this for art especially for how i'm feeling today..."i'm feeling a little blue" by rachel louise

hope you have a colorful day!


made my heart met monday: where children sleep

i feel like i am surrounded by babies!
i'm not complaining in anyway!! (keep them coming my way)
for you see...i love children! it may be because i am the oldest of four or it could be because i am an older cousin of like 60+ the main reason i think i love kids so much is because i am still very much a kid at heart. 

i have an obsession with adorable kid's bedroom, i have a board on interest titled "where children sleep" and today i wanted to share six bedrooms that are making my heart melt this monday!

there are so many cute factors in this room...
first off the little mister sitting on that mini chair is darling.
 the biggest heart melter is the wallpaper!! i think wallpaper is completely wonderful for a baby nursery especially if it's a pattern that can work well for both boy and girl like this one above.
image via

the bed and bedding above is so dreamy for a child,
looks like the bed is facing backwards and my guess is it for safer reasons??
loving the white walls with pops of color in the space.
image via

a colored door, moldings and window frames! love love love, i also really
like the spot for the grown ups to sit and read. plus the styling is fantastic!
image via

more wallpaper please! 
image via

i'll most likely end up with a space like this for my kid's room do to shortage of
space in new york city! i love the pop up wall that has the same matching pattern as the bedding.
image via

another great bedroom when you're short on space!
again i love the white walls and floor mixed with color throughout the space.
drawers under the bed are always great for a kid's room!
image via

i love a kid's room that makes my heart melt!
happy monday loves...


ghislaine viñas in new york design hunting magazine

 of course i have a designer crush on ghislaine viñas...
she was my first interior design boss when i moved to new york city!
right now i'm crushing on the tribeca apartment that she designed for one of her clients that was featured in the may issue of 
it was a project i worked on while at her firm! 
it's always exciting seeing a project come to life...
check out the space below...

i remember seeing renderings of this space trying to figure out what would look best,
i think the monochromatic all black entry way looks super fabulous! plus how cute are the client's little kiddos in the picture?

finding the perfect sectional for this was a challenge!

moooi fixtures sit a above a looong table and notice the black sheep in the eames chair?

i like the pop of black in the kitchen cabinets!

a firery red tv room! 

ghislaine loves her some stripes...i like them too especially
in the neon color!!

very exciting to have this project in the new magazine as well as my current bosses
project!! you can see that post here...

happy friday lovers!


a trip to turks & caicos

last weekend my husband and i celebrated our five year anniversary!! 
five years sounds crazy to say...after all we did get married at such a young age but realizing it's been five years sounds so long!!

our anniversary is our special holiday...
we don't go all out on birthday's, valentines day or christmas.
but our marriage anniversary is something we like to celebrate!!
lucky for us with my husband working for the airlines flying to the caribbean was a lot easier
with flight benefits!

turks and caicos was gorgeous! i felt like a fish in the ocean and i never wanted to get out.
the sand felt like soft white sugar and the water temperature was just right.

i hope we'll go back and spend the trip scuba diving.

 we were completely lazy and i loved every minute of it!!
we worked on our tans, drank coconuts and virgin piña coladas!

we loved paddle boarding at sunset...i wasn't as good as my hubby but at least i could get up!

the hubs did it over and over again until he became a pro!!

i loved this place...
dreaming of going back!

hope you have a great thursday loves!


friday freebie find: knoll saarinen executive armchair

 i'll be the first to say i have had some good luck lately finding some treasures in my 
building's basement trash!!
i swear every time i go down there i find something great!
i've found...
 -awesome vintage lamps
-3 large stainless steel frames
-a knoll planter side table
and recently i feel like i hit the jackpot after i found a
-knoll saarinen executive armchair!!!
this chair can range from $1,300 and up!
so for all you design and furniture lovers out there you know this is a sweet find.

the reason i titled this post "friday freebie find" is because all these items were found on a friday 
(except the side table, it was on a saturday...close enough though)
isn't that a little odd?? 

i found the armchair the night before i left to belize. i went downstairs to do laundry and my jaw dropped
when i saw the chair next to the trash. i quickly grabbed it and brought it back up to my place!!
i was extra excited because i had an entire bolt of kvadrat fabric stored under my bed that i had gotten for FREE and on a FRIDAY! i kid you not.  if there's one thing you need to know about me it's that i am
 a-may-zing at finding killer deals and free finds!

i have a great upholsterer located in the lower east side!
i've used estilo upholstery on my current clients and they were quick and did excellent work.
so when i found this chair and had fabric waiting to be used i knew i'd take it all to estilo!

here is the before pic of the chair...
it wasn't in the best shape... the legs were dirty, the vinyl had multiple rips and
the cushioning inside was old. it was a vintage find after all...

and check out the after!
 estilo upholstery did an amazing job!!!
i dropped the chair off this past monday and got the call on wednesday that they were finished!
that's crazy fast!! three days...works perfect for me! i love the purple/pinkish color of the fabric, it gives the old chair a happy new look. if you notice in the picture above they really cleaned the legs up and brought that chair to life with new cushioning.

smitten with my new chair!

yesterday felt like christmas bringing my new chair home!
this was one heck of a find and i hope my friday freebie finds continues...

your trash is my treasure

happy friday loves...


what i love right now: westbury estate and gardens

yesterday i had planned to be in chicago to attend neocon...
since i was flying standby to chi-town i was a little nervous i wouldn't make my flight back to new york.
so i got cold feet and decided to skip neocon and instead spend the day with my hubby and sister.
our good friend's are out of town and let us borrow their car, as i was dropping him off at the airport he suggested we take the car to the beach. since yesterday's weather was wet and misty and not the type of weather you'd prefer for the beach we decided we'd venture off into long island to check out some of the gold coast mansions! surprisingly the westbury estate is only a short trip from home, around 30 minutes!!
we met up with another friend and her daughter and hit the road.
(how amazing is this mansion?? feels so european!)
there is something so charming about east coast towns! i love the lush greenery, winding roads and old homes that line the streets.
in old westbury the homes are at a larger scale!!
we arrived at the property and drove through the most amazing tree lined road that led to this grand red brick estate. once we got their we found out we wouldn't be able to tour the inside of the home because the show royal pains was filming. since it was lightly raining and the mansion was closed for tours it meant besides the filming crew, we were pretty much the only people on the grounds.
this place was a-may-zing!!!!!
the gardens went on and on and on....we followed the paths and kept discovering one magical place after the other. it was unbelievable. it reminded me of the movies pride and prejudice, secret garden and it also reminded me of monet's gardens in giverny.

i am loving the westerbury estate & gardens right now!
some facts about the property...

 we were completely smitten by this place.
we kept thinking, who knew this place was so close to home? also, how amazing it would have been to attend parties at this place back when it was first built! it felt incredible to have so much grass and blooming flowers surrounding us, plus fresh air is always amazing. 
the misty rain made everything feel extra mysterious and magical.
we went a little picture crazy...

this property is a pretty popular place for movies and t.v.
some films and t.v. shows that have been filmed here are

cruel intensions
gossip girl (nate's grandfather's house)
american gangster
the manchurian candidate
love story

i want to go back and check out this inside of the mansion...
i loved spending the afternoon getting lost in the beautiful gardens, i also loved having my friend's little 21 month year old with us. she had all the space in the world to run and play! 
if you live in new york you need to make a visit to this gorgeous property!!!

hope you're having a lovely thursday!


adore color: black II

happy huesday color lovers!!
today's color is B L A C K!
it's a color that never ever gets old...and a color i will always love!
check out some of my favorite black images below
(i have a million images i wish i could share...)

(from top left to right)
this image is so striking...her skin and hair with all that black is amazing. via
loving this tufted black mecox gardens sofa! it would work well with so much. 
how cool is this black interior by cathy echols? i want to live here! via
keep it simple! via
swarovski sparkle shady chandelier by hayon
loving this black chair wallpaper by deborah bowness
i want this black leather i love new york bag!!! via
bless #26 cable cord jewelry...i could def use this!! via
more black paint on the face, such a cool look with it dripping down, found via pinterest.

hope your tuesday is swell.
much love!


made my heart melt monday: june 11th

it seems like i haven't posted a m.m.h.m post for awhile...
so here are some images that are making my heart melt this monday!

gold dino DIY bookcases from www.sharonpakir.com sorta obsessed with this project!
i'd love to try and create my own magical bookend, such a fantastic look!

the healthy version of eating the rainbow! how wonderful is all this color? veggies have never looked this good. image via

anyone else melting over this silver metallic table?! i. need. this.
image via

think outside the box art...i kinda like it! image via 

my hubby purchased a fabulous red bike over the weekend...
i love this shot i captured of him testing out his new ride on my instagram @designmyhrtout

spent some time over the weekend at the ace hotel in ny,
seriously loving these walls!

another shot of my hubby...he makes my heart melt! 
especially when he's wearing a gene meyer bow tie!

can i be her for five minutes? seriously can't wait till
i'm back at my cabin on a horse in wyoming! image via 

favorite couple.

i love this art installation by harry bertoia 

happy monday all!

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