viva forever: a spice girl musical!

have you heard the great news?!!!
judy craymer, the woman behind the ABBA musical "mamma mia" is producing
"viva forever" the spice girl musical!!

i need to go london to see this...i grew up in the 90's which means i was a HUGE spice girl fan!
my first cd i ever bought was the spice girls, i even had a spice girl birthday party...
i dressed up as a spice girl or two for halloween!! i used spice girl pencils at school and always wanted to wear platforms like they did.
i can sing the lyrics to all their songs and quote their (cheesy) but oh so great movie...spice world!
maybe i should be a tad bit embarrassed sharing my love for the girl power group, but i'm not.
the thought of a spice girl musical is making me want to jam out right now!
anyone else loved this group too? or am i a weirdie?!

ps my favorite was ginger!
who was yours?!


  1. Why am I not surprised that my fav was Ginger too!! :) Viva FOREVER!

    xoxo. Margaret

  2. I looved the Spice Girls! I think I actually had a Spice Girls cassette tape-haha. My favorite was baby spice and I would always put my hair in pigtails like hers :)


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