adore color: black II

happy huesday color lovers!!
today's color is B L A C K!
it's a color that never ever gets old...and a color i will always love!
check out some of my favorite black images below
(i have a million images i wish i could share...)

(from top left to right)
this image is so striking...her skin and hair with all that black is amazing. via
loving this tufted black mecox gardens sofa! it would work well with so much. 
how cool is this black interior by cathy echols? i want to live here! via
keep it simple! via
swarovski sparkle shady chandelier by hayon
loving this black chair wallpaper by deborah bowness
i want this black leather i love new york bag!!! via
bless #26 cable cord jewelry...i could def use this!! via
more black paint on the face, such a cool look with it dripping down, found via pinterest.

hope your tuesday is swell.
much love!

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