everyone loves a photobooth

last night me and two other utah girls had a fun random night (those are the best)
my friend annie from college who is now in new york doing an internship at small girls pr 
(hopefully she'll never leave)
and my baby sister is here doing an internship with hey,hey!gorgeous.
last night we decided to have a girls night which included a late night chat at my favorite spot in all of nyc...at the long island city pier, we made it extra special with cake batter ice cream from malu.
we hung out at liberty hall in the ace hotel and started our night off right at the
us girls love pictures but we love photobooths even more...
and a whole party dedicated to photobooths was just our thang!

happy to have my sister in town!

i also really love making animated gifs, so i took our images and made them into one.

don't know these girls...i just took their images from photobooth project page and made them into a gif! turned out cute ey?

more pictures from the par-tay!

dear photobooth project and wix lounge...thanks for a great evening and the pictures!

the photobooth project is the complete photography resource for all your social and corporate needs!
seriousl, photobooths make the the party ten times more fun! if you're interested in having the photobooth project at your next event visit their website for more info
www.photoboothproject.com or email them at

i heart ny.


  1. Absolutely love this Morg!! Such a fun weekend! I am so excited for the rest of our crazy summer! LOVE YOU!!!

  2. LOVE you too!! Thrilled you came to NY...but you can't leave!

  3. Photo booth is an experience your guests and visitors will never forget! Brilliant fun, belly aching laughs and nostalgia all in one.


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