going to the 2012 mtv movie awards!!

i'm off to LA today because my sweet brother-in-law is
taking me as his date to the mtv movie awards again this year.
i'm excited to head out to sunny southern california
and attend this years show (and catch up with one of my hometown bestie in LA)
last year was a blast and i'm hoping this year will be just as fun...

speaking of fun...i'm thrilled that FUN. will be one the performers this year.
also excited channing tatumn will be in the house. (woot woot)
not so thrilled russell brand will be hosting though...the guy creeps me out.

love my bro's job 
and i love him for letting me be his date!

getting excited for tomorrow.
happy saturday!

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  1. OH you must be having such a great time!! Enjoy yourself. I'm so jealous!


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