made my heart melt monday: june 11th

it seems like i haven't posted a m.m.h.m post for awhile...
so here are some images that are making my heart melt this monday!

gold dino DIY bookcases from www.sharonpakir.com sorta obsessed with this project!
i'd love to try and create my own magical bookend, such a fantastic look!

the healthy version of eating the rainbow! how wonderful is all this color? veggies have never looked this good. image via

anyone else melting over this silver metallic table?! i. need. this.
image via

think outside the box art...i kinda like it! image via 

my hubby purchased a fabulous red bike over the weekend...
i love this shot i captured of him testing out his new ride on my instagram @designmyhrtout

spent some time over the weekend at the ace hotel in ny,
seriously loving these walls!

another shot of my hubby...he makes my heart melt! 
especially when he's wearing a gene meyer bow tie!

can i be her for five minutes? seriously can't wait till
i'm back at my cabin on a horse in wyoming! image via 

favorite couple.

i love this art installation by harry bertoia 

happy monday all!

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  1. Melt my heart Monday with that metallic table! Hubs is adorable on the fab red bicycle. And love the fashion gif :)



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