blogging up in the air...

love looking at pretty images while flying, especially while listening to good tunes with my new neon headphones. on my way home to new york! enjoy...xoxo


i'd like to put it on my wall

oh pinterest...such a fabulous invention!!

here are a few images that i have on my art board, i love each of these images and would love to hang them on my wall someday. 

do you pin?? follow me and i'd love to follow you back :)

pinning is addicting!!



a little moose can do your space some good!
don't you think?


the color lover does couture + colour!!

for all of you who don't know...
every wednesday i do a post for the thedecorista.com called
couture + colour
i mix my favorite colored interiors or products inspired by a colored outfit, each week is a different color! take a look at my posts thus far...

if you can't tell by now...i LOVE color! 


pretty interiors that make me feel better!

i've been on the sad side lately (mom is stuck in chile with a standby ticket) i need her home with me for the holidays :(

so these interior images below have made me feel a wee bit better.
pretty interiors always does that to me!

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