5 new york fashion week outfits: thrifty nifty!

one thing you may or may not know about me is that i am one heck of a bargain shopper!
i love shopping at consignment and thrift shops for one of a kind pieces.
i love finding the best prices and a piece that is completely unique.
i hate malls and hate thinking of buying something that ten people can take home right after me.

this past fashion week i got a lot of compliments on my outfits i wore each day...and little did everyone know that almost every piece came from a thrift shop or i found it for super duper cheap.
a lot of my outfits were customized as well...
take a look below to see what i mean.

day 1:
(me with my friend amber blogger at barefootblonde.com before the peter som show...
i got her set up as a host for hey!hey,gorgeous. and together we enjoyed 5 crazy amazing days
backstage with the luxury hair website documenting all the fabulousness at nyfw.)

i found my beaded vintage top for only $11 at buffalo exchange in nyc a few years ago.
it was once a mini dress and i had it altered into a top.
i thought it looked better that way.

my metallic pants were found on sale at urban outfitters for only $10!
so my top and pants together were under $25...
such a steal!

day 2:
i got a lot of love from my metallic vintage 80's outfit on day 2.
i also found this piece at buffalo exchange in las vegas four years ago.
it was once a jumper with pants connected at the bottom but i cut them off and paired the top
with tight black leggings and combat boots from target. black feathered clutch also only $7!
my shades were found at the brooklyn flea market for $8! another favorite find.

i played with my hood all day long...
here i am messing around before the mara hoffman show.

day 3:
both my pants and top were found at buffalo exchange in nyc (safe it say it's my favorite store!)
i found these purple pants brand new for only $7...can you believe that? 
and the top is one of my all time favs! paid only $12 for it and i'm obsessed with the sequined sleeves. my shades were on sale at gap for $14

pink and purple combo!
me following the skaist and taylor show.

high waisted and baggy pants = super comfortable

day 4:
this was the only day my outfit didn't come from a thrift store but my pants and
top together only cost me $30!
my top was from h&m for $20 and my pants were on sale at urban outfitters for $9
they went perfectly with my leopard guess heels!

color, pattern and leopard! my type of mix

day 5:
my top was found...you guessed it at buffalo exchange! i found this vintage blouse for only $7 in portland, oregon. i wore it with my favorite copper metallic pants i found at urban outfitters for only $15!!! this was one of my favorite purchases because i had been eyeing these pants for awhile.
i had to be comfy so i wore my black combat boots found at target for $20

vintage and sparkle...you can never go wrong!

i love to shop but i love finding great deals and one of a kind pieces to add in my closet!
i have to admit i am one heck of a shopper...
i'm always on the look out for an amazing deal. if you ever want to go thrifting with me let me know!

www.dnainfo.com liked my day 2 outfit, check out their post here.
hope you liked my nyfw outfits!!


let's face it

below are six faces that i find completely stunning...
they are so wacky that it is so good.
i would love to have any of these portraits hanging up in my home.

so "tacky" right?
i wonder how long it took to get all those tacks in place.
eye makeup to the max!
albino chic!
a very black kate moss
"marilyn's masquerade – day of the dead"
all white sleek and soft!
Lauren 2003, light jet photographic print by Petrina Hicks © the artist

happy saturday loves



i'm off to chile

did you know i am half chilean?!!!
my mother is from chile and all of her family is in chile except for a few!
when i was younger chile was the only place we would really travel to.
it would happen every other couple years or so and we would go for a month.
i looooved this trip. i loved seeing my family there, they are the most kind and loving people.
i am giddy right now thinking i get to see them soon.
the last time i saw them was in 2008 and before that i was 10 years old!!!!!!

now with flying benefits i had to go visit them.
especially since my mother is down there for doctor visits and treatments.
my mom's health hasn't been so great lately and it has been very hard on me.
i am constantly worried and i randomly start crying because i am scared.
i just want to go with my mother to the doctors and make sure everything is ok. i am a worry wort and this type of stuff kills me.
i love my family so much especially my parents and to think one of them is sick really terrifies me.
right now nothing is more important then heading down south to be with her and my family.
my grandma is getting older and her health isn't in the best shape either. i just want time with them. i don't care if we all just lay in grandma's bed together. i just need those moments.
i love going to chile and i am SO grateful i have the opportunity to do so right now.
i will soak in every moment.

wish me luck that i'll make my flight (standby issues :) ) and that my spanish will kick in,
and that everything comes back a-ok from the doctors!

much love to you all...

the family that dives together...

stays together!
remember my family trip to belize last may?!
remember that amazing recap video my brother in law made?
he had hours and hours and hours of footage thanks to his handy dandy go pro!
he didn't want it all to go to waste so he created this 15 min documentary film.
he has us answer questions about our trip which is awesome! so fun to hear what others had to say about one another. he also has footage that you didn't see from the first video.
yes it's long but it is entertaining! you can see what my hubby and i are like underwater. would you guess he is more like a girl than me??
he comes out as my inner 3 yr old morgan under the sea.
it's long i know but i think you'll enjoy it!!

Aqua Peds - Belize from Justin Pederson on Vimeo.

what did you think?
does it make you want to visit belize??
i know i am dying to go back. such an incredible country.


nonoo presentation s/s13

last friday morning right after the peter som they hey,hey!gorgeous. crew and i headed over to check out the nonoo spring summer 2013 collection. i was in for a real treat! it was my first ever presentation and i loved it because i could get up close and personal with the models, the clothes...and their fabulous hair!!!
seriously the hair was fantastic! milk maid braids braided with fabric! you read it right... fabric!
i was really dying over the blues and reds in this collection. there were a lot of pieces i def wanted to run away with. i love when the models see a camera because they go straight into fierce mode! i thought this presentation was done fabulously well. it had a vibe of it's own and i really fell head over heels for it!
my first presentation show was wonderful!!
check out some of my iphone pics below.
let me know what you think!

i bet the models preferred these sneaks over high stilettos! 

i love this photo they all look so stunning...especially the gal on the right.

floral prints for the win!

give me that blue blazer please! isn't that model adorable...i love when i can get a smile 
out of them!

are you loving that hair or what?!
i need to try this asap except i have no idea how to do a milk braid!
teach me...

hey look there is olivia palermo again...such a cutie! check out those sexy leopard shorts!

hope you're having a swell tuesday!


backstage peter som SS 2013 show with hey,hey!gorgeous.

i am so very happy that peter som was my very first nyfw show!

he has been a designer i admire. it all started when i first saw his use of the fabulous shades of blue.
since then i was a total som fan!!!

so when i got the chance to go backstage, all thanks to the glamorous luxury hair website hey,hey!gorgeous. i was one very happy girl!

i met up with eugene souleiman who was 
the creative hair director for the show.
such a kind and sweet british fella with a crazy nyfw schedule!

first thing i saw when i walked in backstage...
colorful extensions! all the hair products were from wella hair usa.

the girls for the peter som SS13 show

model moment! right before her colorful extensions went in.
it is always good to see the models having fun and letting loose.

playing with color for the eye makeup.
so wishing i could have had my makeup done too!

snapping a self pic back in the mac makeup section backstage

hair and make up done now off to get ready for first look

one of my favorite fashion gals...
olivia palermo in the crowd, totally love her.

grabbing a picture before the show with olivia palermo
she was incredibly sweet. so bummed it's a blurry pic! iphone fail.

i spy my favorite peter som blue!

really wishing i had a better camera
to document everything,
but i was more interested in the clothes then getting good pictures!

i wore a vintage top that was once a dress but i had it altered into a top, i like it better that way.
i met three fabulous girls who were also in attendance at peter som from LA who were out at nyfw for shoedazzle. they liked my outfit so they had to snap a polaroid. 
thanks ladies!

seriously loved all his pieces, the prints and colors were so fantastic i couldn't handle it!
being backstage before the show was super awesome, it wasn't as hectic as i had imagined. one thing i am learning form all these shows is that it takes a village to have a perfect 10 minute show!
peter's collection was perfection. to see more of his looks click here  (for better images :)

stay tuned for more!
make sure you're following me on instagram for all my behind the scenes pics @designmyhrtout

life in the last two weeks

hey loves!
life has been extremely crazy the last two weeks...
so crazy that i currently have NO voice. i'm not even kidding.

1st - i quit my job, it was semi terrifying but i did it.
2nd - my husband and i took a last minute trip to the UAE to visit dubai and abu dhabi.
(post and video on that adventure to come soon!)
3rd - literally the moment i returned from my vacation it has been non stop all things
new york fashion week!

visiting a mosque in dubai

marissa webb styling her model in the overly gorgeous red piece

aloha themed show at mara hoffman

i have never been to nyfw in my two years of living in new york.
it has seriously always been a dream of mine to go. this experience has been such an incredible experience and it isn't over. i've been to at least 3 shows a day. not only have i been going to the shows, i have been backstage talking with the hair dressers, make up artists, models and the designers! i've even sat in on some of the rehearsals. i've been getting all the inside scoop on the direction for the shows and seeing all the fabulous clothes up close and personal!!! i have to pinch myself each show i go to.
a dream come true. i have been getting such great access doing social media and press for hey,hey!gorgeous and invites to shows from friends.

here are the shows i have seen thus far:
-peter som
-marissa webb
-mara hoffman
-rafael cennamo
-lela rose
-carmen marc valvo

and will be attending:
-alice + olivia by stacey bendet
-rolanado santana
-rachel roy
-paradisiac by mel rose

i'll be adding posts to the individual shows i've been attending...stay soon to see more!!
crazy life is good and i'm so grateful for all the goodies in my life as of late! this fashion week experience has been life changing...
feeling very blessed.


what i love right now: colored clouds

right now i am loving the talented artist lola guerrera 
and her colored smoke collection.

images found via designboom

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