gt house in londrina, brazil.

designed by young brazilian architect guilherme torres... this modern and avant-garde, chic-e loft cost around US $6,000 to renovate due to its simplicity in architectural solutions. i am guessing that does not include furnishings... i spy a moooi lamp in there! i really love the styling of this brazilian casa, i enjoy the juxtaposition of the rough cement and glitzy chandelier, the soft fur and the silver pipes. confira! aka...check it out!

two black fabric mattresses for a sofa...why not?

love the skull!

g for guilhermme is my guess. what a great place for a big "g" this is such a great shot- i love everything about it.

exposed pipes on the black wall is gorgeous-i would love to cuddle up on that rug!

more pipes...and some unusual choices for bedside tables. i love how the suitcases are brought into the styling and i'm liking the location of the office style calendar.

tall ceilings are happy ceilings!
another skull- but this time i don't like it. rubber flooring to avoid oil stains and the wall has arabic inspired patterns designed by the architect himself.
love...l.o.v.e. the way the books are lined up in this bookcase. i would have never thought to arrange them that way-
brick. brown. black. low and long--great setup.
that's a different/difficult layout to work with... but studio guilherme torres did maravilhosa job!


if these walls could talk...

want an original way to let your walls say what's on your mind? or maybe you're just a word nerd- here are some funky alternatives.

i love this image of the text going up the wall...very unconventional which is why i love it. i am not loving however everything else in this image-lamp, art, and tile.

want to say "take your damn shoes off" in a nice way without being in your face (because it's below your face...get it)?

something about this image makes me want to say my abc's-i'm loving the large/colorful/random letter mix.

if you're a quote person, putting your favorites in a collection works- but keep it simple and don't add anything else to the wall.

this wallpaper from mrperswall.com is a yummy way to get letters up. i am loving this desk set up!

instead of using this concept on your refrigerators find another way to play with words like this image here.

put it in the tile...but if you're going to go through all that work- say something interesing!

using block letters and turning it into an installation- custom and personal.

now spit it out.


i'm drooling over these...

radiator. shiny. eames.

loving the mix of classic chairs with that pop of blue and black border.

classic and rough! give me that art!

when you have a cluster of art like that who needs a headboard? i heart the location of the chairs!

that yellow is the perfect "pop" of color. where can i find a giant bunny? that artwork is kind of perfect for a black wall.

not exactly sure where this is located- but this image looks like my dream cabin! i am loving the happy blues.

does that runner bring happiness and warmth to your soul? i love it so!

beautiful wide hallway with beautiful pieces to glam it out.

a perfect bathroom for three little boys...designed by--my boss! how rad is that cloud and the green fixtures? you can't really see from the images but the tiles look like grass!

how adorable would these two beds be in a bedroom for sisters? good for jumping across beds...not really.

i like the combination of all the frames, the mix of the raw white wood floor with the furry soft black rug...and...the lamp creature off the to side.

3d wallpaper and whhhhaaat a sofa!

i hope you enjoyed the randomness...goodnight! xoxo


a way-finding-system

axel peemoeller developed this amazing way-finding-system for a eureka tower parking garage while working for emery studio [check out both of their sites-they're pretty rad!] the distorted letters on the wall can be read perfectly when standing in the right position. i love this! such a clever design...and a unique way to say which way to exit! this project won several international design awards. check out why--

oh. my. amazing!


hotel lust: yas hotel

located in... abu dhabi (of course).
500 rooms.
over 85,000 square meters.
designed by new york based architectural firm asymptote architecture.
two twelve story hotel towers connected by a glass bridge.
color changing led's linked to video feeds that play over the whole entire building.
rooftop pools.
eight international restaurants.
luxury spa.
whew--what a hotel...and i forgot to mention yas hotel won best hotel 2011 design award from travel + leisure!
are you drooling over this abu dhabi gem or do you prefer a ho jo?


why hello tom!

first of...i'm obsessed with his logo. obsessed! it is so simple and so bold. i wish my name was tom dixon.

tazmania ballroom. hong kong, china.

ahhh i love this lounge...the inspiration for tazmania ballroom came from british game rooms (fyi tom is a brit).

this is such a great shot of his beat lighting collection. he does lighting very well.
the wing back sofa.
gold + his logo...i want this bag!

the beat collection again, this time it is shown at the kosushi restaurant in sao paulo, brazil.

amazing...reminds me of a piano keys.

i have had a crate obsession lately, and when i saw it with his logo... magic!

pipe lights look bea-u-ti-ful in a cluster. especially the black and gold!

i want this scoop chair as a desk chair...or a dining chair. i just want one.
there's the man! would you believe me if i said he has had no formal design training?? (according to wiki)--i sooo want to meet you one day. you seem like such a creative gentleman!
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